What is WhatsApp Marketing -An All-in-One Guide


Welcome to the ultimate guide on WhatsApp Marketing, the game-changer your business has been waiting for. Remember when marketing meant expensive TV ads and door-to-door sales? Those days are long gone. Today, it's all about being where your customers are, and guess what? They're on WhatsApp—a humble messaging app that's become a powerhouse marketing channel.

In this all-encompassing guide, we'll dig deep into the what, why, and how of WhatsApp Marketing. From understanding the role of WhatsApp Business API to exploring top strategies and tools—including how DoubleTick can give you that extra edge—we've got it all. So, get ready for a ride into the world of WhatsApp Marketing; it's a game-changer you don't want to miss out on.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is the practice of using the WhatsApp platform to promote products, services, or brands by directly engaging with customers or prospects. Forget the detours; this is marketing on the expressway. Imagine sending messages straight into someone's personal chat inbox, the place they're most likely to check. You're not just another unread email or a pop-up ad easily dismissed—you're right there, sandwiched between chats with mom and weekend plans with friends. That's the beauty of WhatsApp Marketing.

But why should your business care about yet another marketing channel? Simple: because it works like a charm. WhatsApp boasts a whopping 2.5 billion users worldwide, and studies show that people are more likely to read a message on WhatsApp than on any other platform. What does this mean for your business? A broader reach, higher engagement, and the rare opportunity for truly personalized marketing.

So, that's WhatsApp Marketing in a nutshell. Powerful, direct, and exceptionally personal. Ready to delve into why it's a must-have for any forward-thinking business?

Why WhatsApp Marketing is Must Today

Let's start with the numbers, shall we? WhatsApp has over 2.5 billion users globally, with a jaw-dropping 70% of them using the app daily. But hold on, it gets better—WhatsApp boasts an open rate of around 98%. To put it in perspective, even a fantastic email marketing campaign is thrilled to get a 20-30% open rate. The math speaks for itself; your message on WhatsApp is nearly five times more likely to be seen than in an email.

So, what does this mean in the real world? Imagine you're a retailer running a flash sale. An email announcing the sale might get buried under promotional clutter or even worse, land in the spam folder. But a WhatsApp message? That’s front and center, popping up right on the user’s screen. Or let's say you're in the hospitality business, and a guest requests a last-minute change to their reservation. A quick WhatsApp message can confirm the change in real-time, creating a seamless customer experience.

In essence, WhatsApp outshines other platforms by being immediate, personal, and direct. Whether it's an e-commerce business wanting to send out a limited-time offer or a service provider needing to share quick updates, WhatsApp gets the job done more efficiently and effectively than its counterparts.

Numbers don't lie, and neither do real-world results. WhatsApp Marketing isn't just an option; it's a necessity. let's now explore which WhatsApp platform is best for you?

Which WhatsApp Platform is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to leveraging WhatsApp for business, you've got three main options: the standard WhatsApp app, the WhatsApp Business app, and the WhatsApp Business API. Let's break down the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision.

The Standard WhatsApp App

Pros: It's simple, widely used, and doesn't require any new learning curve. 

Cons: But here's the kicker—it's not built for business. You can't automate messages, track metrics, or manage customer queries efficiently.

The WhatsApp Business App

Pros: Ah, an upgrade! The WhatsApp Business App allows for basic business profiles, automated quick replies, and even some rudimentary analytics. 

Cons: While it addresses some limitations of the standard app, it still falls short for medium to large businesses. 

WhatsApp Business API

Now, here's where things get really exciting. WhatsApp Business API (WABA), the powerhouse designed for businesses that are serious about scaling and efficiency.

Pros: It blows the limitations of both previous options out of the water. Automated messaging? Check. Integration with third-party tools and CRMs? Absolutely. A single number for your entire team? You bet. And it gets better; with WABA, you get to leverage advanced features like Unlimited WhatsApp messaging to saved and unsaved contacts, end-to-end encryption for enhanced security and detailed analytics for strategic planning.

Cons: To be frank, the only "con" might be the initial setup, which could be technical. But here's the good news: A solution provider like DoubleTick can handle all that heavy lifting for you, setting up your WABA account in just a couple of days.

So, which platform is the best for your business? If you're an enterprise or even a growing small business, the WhatsApp Business API is your go-to. It’s the grand piano, and with it, you can play the full symphony.

Decode the Difference Between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API HERE

Ready to dive into how brands are making the most of WhatsApp for their business needs?

How Brands are Leveraging WhatsApp for Marketing

Ever wonder how leading brands turn clicks into customers or casual browsers into loyal patrons? Brace yourself as we dive into the innovative ways companies are leveraging WhatsApp to shoot for the stars and achieve their diverse business goals.

Customer Service Reimagined

For starters, brands are using WhatsApp to revolutionize their customer service. Long gone are the days of clunky call centres or buried emails. WhatsApp enables real-time, personable customer support, answering queries, solving problems, and even taking orders right from the chat window.

Flash Sales & Limited Offers

Retailers are sending out flash sale notifications or limited-time offers and are getting immediate customer attention, thanks to WhatsApp's impressive open rates. The platform allows for interactive, direct-to-consumer marketing that can drive significant sales in minimal time.

Booking & Reservations

Brands in the hospitality and service sectors are using WhatsApp for instant bookings and reservations. A simple message can confirm your restaurant table or weekend getaway, making the process effortless for the customer and efficient for the business.

Customer Onboarding

A lot of brands use WhatsApp to send essential onboarding information, tutorial videos, and welcome packages, ensuring that customers have everything they need right from the get-go. It's like giving your customers a warm, informational hug as they join your family.

Feedback and Reviews

Let’s face it, how many of us bother filling out emailed surveys? WhatsApp makes it easy for brands to collect valuable customer feedback and reviews, fostering a culture of constant improvement.

Real-Time Updates

From shipping notifications for e-commerce sites to appointment reminders for healthcare providers, businesses are using WhatsApp to keep their customers in the loop, in real-time. It’s instant, it’s reliable, and it’s always accessible.

Inventory Updates for Retailers

Running a retail business? WhatsApp allows you to send out inventory or back-in-stock notifications to customers who have shown interest in a particular product, transforming mere interest into concrete sales.

Brands are finding imaginative, impactful ways to integrate WhatsApp into their broader marketing strategies, achieving goals that extend well beyond traditional methods. The WhatsApp Business API acts as a catalyst, making all of this not just possible, but also efficient and scalable.

Next up, are you curious about what benefits you could reap by using WhatsApp for your marketing endeavours? Keep reading!

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

Wondering if WhatsApp Marketing is all hype and no substance? Think again! Here's how integrating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy is not just smart but downright transformative.

1. Global Reach

WhatsApp is your golden ticket to a global audience of 2.5 billion people. No matter where your customer is, you can reach out without fussing over international rates. It's like running a worldwide business from your pocket.

2. Direct Customer Engagement

Ditch the algorithm maze and enjoy a direct, algorithm-free pipeline to your customers. With WhatsApp, you're not just broadcasting messages; you're having meaningful conversations that breed loyalty.

3. High Open Rates

Remember that email marketing campaign that sank without a trace? That's unlikely here. WhatsApp messages enjoy an eye-popping 98% open rate. In simpler terms, your message doesn't just go out; it gets seen.

4. High User Engagement

Users don’t just read WhatsApp messages; they engage. Considering how often people check WhatsApp, your time-sensitive offers have a higher chance of turning into transactions.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Time is of the essence, and nobody likes to wait. WhatsApp’s instant customer service features keep your customers pleased and coming back for more. It’s no longer just about meeting needs but exceeding expectations.

6. More Conversions

Higher engagement and customer satisfaction translate into increased conversions. Be it completing a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter, WhatsApp greases the wheels of the conversion process.

7. Analytics

Don't fly blind; make data-driven decisions with WhatsApp’s robust analytics. Monitor message performance, customer engagement, and much more to refine your future campaigns.

8. Credibility and Trust

Your green-tick verified profile not just sets you apart but also boosts your credibility. End-to-end encryption ensures your customers know they’re in a safe space, making them more likely to engage.

9. Cost-Effectiveness

Why burn money when you can get more bang for your buck? WhatsApp is a budget-friendly platform with no hidden fees, letting you make the most of every dollar spent.

10. Scalability

Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, WhatsApp scales as per your needs. Start small if you must, but know that as your business grows, WhatsApp will still be your go-to platform.

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So, that's a wrap on why WhatsApp should be your next marketing playground. High reach, higher engagement, and a level of trust that's hard to beat, all at a cost that won’t break the bank. Up next, let’s talk strategies to turn this potent platform into your own marketing powerhouse. Are you in?

Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Get Started

​You’re convinced that WhatsApp is the platform for you, but where do you begin? Here are the top 10 strategies to kickstart your WhatsApp marketing:

1. Create Your eCommerce Store on WhatsApp with In-app Catalogs:

Turn your WhatsApp into a virtual storefront. Businesses can set up in-app catalogues to display products, making it a one-stop shop for customers to browse and buy. Picture this: a local jeweller showcasing handcrafted necklaces and making sales right within WhatsApp!

2. Maximize Reach with Broadcast Messages:

Imagine sending a single message that lands on all your customers' phones simultaneously. With broadcast lists, you can do exactly that. Perfect for announcing flash sales, special events, or even a new blog post.

3. Personalize Your Approach with Tailored Messages:

Customization is king, and WhatsApp allows for personalized messages that resonate with the customer. Whether you're a fitness coach sending personalized workout routines or a retailer suggesting products based on past purchases, customization leads to conversion.

4. Automate Notifications and Reminders for Improved Efficiency:

Set it and forget it! Use automation to send reminders or updates. Like a dental clinic sending appointment reminders, automation ensures your customers always show up and keeps your business running smoothly.

5. Drive Traffic with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads:

Why limit yourself to one platform? Integrate your social media advertising with WhatsApp by adding a click-to-WhatsApp button on your Facebook ads. It’s a one-two punch for engagement and conversions.

6. Increase Conversions with WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns:

Not every customer will convert right away. That’s where retargeting steps in. Send specific messages, perhaps with a special offer, to those who've shown interest but haven't yet pulled the trigger.

7. Boost Revenue with Automated Upselling and Cross-Selling:

Why settle for one sale when you can make more? Use automated messages to upsell or cross-sell related products. Think of a coffee shop suggesting a pastry to go along with your latte.

8. Generate Quality Leads through Opt-In Strategies:

Get your customers to say "Yes, please" with opt-in forms. Collect crucial information and permission, allowing for a more targeted approach in your future campaigns.

9. Enhance Engagement with Quick Replies and CTAs: 

You’ve got their attention; now direct it. Quick replies and CTA buttons can guide the customer to the next step, whether it’s making a reservation at your restaurant or checking out an exclusive offer.

10. Leverage WhatsApp for Effective Referral Programs:

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Encourage sharing of promotions or referral codes within their own WhatsApp contacts. A win-win as your reach grows and your customers get rewarded for it.

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Excited yet? These strategies turn your WhatsApp into a dynamic, customer-winning platform. Up next, we'll guide you on getting started with WhatsApp Marketing in under 5 minutes. Ready to dive in?

How to Get Started with WhatsApp Marketing in Just 5Min

Yes, you read that right. In just 5 minutes, you can take your business to the next level by leveraging the power of WhatsApp. Let's dive in:

Quick Set-Up with a WhatsApp Business Account

No time to waste! Head over to your app store, download the WhatsApp Business App, and follow the in-app instructions to set up your business profile. Input key details like business name, logo, and description to give your customers a clear idea of what you offer.

Choose Your Engine: WhatsApp Business API Options

Now, you've got options. The WhatsApp Business API, is like the souped-up version of WhatsApp marketing, offering advanced features that go beyond the app. Among these is DoubleTick, a WhatsApp Marketing Tool that simplifies everything from automation to analytics.

Wanna know about WhatsApp Business API in detail? Here is your 2024 Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Business API - Click Here to Read

Secure that Coveted Green Tick

Think of the green verification badge as your VIP pass in the WhatsApp world; it tells customers that you're trustworthy. To get this, ensure your business details are accurate and await approval from WhatsApp.

Still in doubt?
Read through our quick guide to get started with WhatsApp marketing in just 5 minutes. 
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There you have it! You're all set to revolutionize your marketing strategy, and it only took 5 minutes. Next up, we'll talk about popular WhatsApp Marketing Software you might want to consider. Shall we?

Navigating the sea of WhatsApp marketing tools can be overwhelming. Here's a nifty guide to help you choose wisely, spotlighting the top 5 alternatives and what makes DoubleTick the standout choice.

What to Look For

  • Integration: Ensures seamless functionality and scalability.
  • Customization: Look for chatbot and message personalization features.
  • User-Friendly: Nobody has time to climb a steep learning curve.
  • Analytical Tools: Helps you measure success and tweak strategy.

Top 5 Alternatives

1. DoubleTick​

DoubleTick is WhatsApp 3.0 designed to empower your sales team to sell more in less time. It's one of the best WhatsApp CRM and MarCom tools that comes with premium WhatsApp API features such as a cloud-based shared team inbox, unlimited WhatsApp broadcast messaging, dynamic catalogue sharing, an advanced Chatbot, and much more. An all-in-one solution, DoubleTick has everything that you've been looking for in a salesforce tool. 


  • Bulk broadcast your messages and catalogue to unlimited saved and unsaved contacts.
  • Automate WhatsApp marketing by scheduling your broadcast messages.
  • Stay on top of your WhatsApp marketing campaign with real-time analytics and detailed reports to track your metrics and fine-tune your approach.
  • Single WhatsApp number for your entire company with a cloud-based team inbox and role-based access.
  • End-to-end automated catalogue sharing and order booking via AI-Powered Commerce BOT.
  • WhatsApp automation via AI-powered active chatbot that can answer customers’ queries, send automated anniversaries & birthday wishes, abandoned cart notifications, pending balance reminders, bills and all kinds of alerts to customers.
  • Choose your favourite tools such as Zapier, WooCommerce, Google Sheets etc. and integrate them with DoubleTick in just a few clicks.
  • Super intuitive, easy to use and mobile-friendly.
  • 24/7 Customer support is available on call, WhatsApp or email.
  • DoubleTick is revolutionizing the way businesses use WhatsApp API with its innovative mobile-focused platform, allowing you to manage your business on the go.


  • Due to the mobile-first approach, the product is optimised to perform best on mobile devices. 
  • Apart from this, there are no downsides. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Free Trial

DoubleTick doesn't offer a Free Trial. However, one can opt for a monthly subscription to experience DoubleTick.


Click here to check out our pricing plans or book a FREE demo with us to know more about the product and its features. 

2. Yellow.ai

Yellow.ai goes beyond messaging to offer a complete, end-to-end sales solution right from your WhatsApp interface. It's particularly strong in integrating with your CRM and other essential business tools.


  • Fully integrated WhatsApp API.
  • Smooth transition from chatbot to human agent.
  • Broadcast messaging for mass communication.
  • Multiple tool integrations for a complete sales pipeline.
  • Comprehensive analytics for better decision-making.


  • Account approval can take up to 7 days.
  • Support is only available via email and form, lacking instant support channels.

Free Trial:

Yes, 21 days to test its robust features.


Contact for a personalized quote.

3. WhatsAppBulkSender

WhatsAppBulkSender specializes in large-scale messaging without compromising personalization, making it great for businesses focusing primarily on outreach and less on customer service.


  • Send bulk messages while maintaining a personal touch.
  • Contact management and filtering for efficient messaging.
  • Campaign scheduling to automate your marketing tasks.
  • Auto-reply functionality to keep customers engaged.


  • Lacks chatbot functionality or CRM integration.
  • Might require a certain level of technical know-how for setup.

Free Trial:

A 3-day trial is available to test the product.


Starts at a $99 one-time payment, suitable for various business sizes.

4. ChatCompose

ChatCompose provides an accessible platform for creating AI-powered chatbots. Businesses looking for an automated customer service or marketing tool will find this very useful.


  • Drag-and-drop chatbot builder for quick setup.
  • Multi-language support to cover a broader market.
  • Analytics and insights to track chatbot performance.


  • Limited capabilities for bulk messaging.
  • No built-in CRM, requiring additional tool subscriptions.

Free Trial:

14-day free trial available.


Begins at $19/month, with plans suited for all sizes of enterprises.

5. SuperLemon

SuperLemon is the go-to tool for Shopify store owners. From cart recovery to automated customer support, it handles specific pain points of the e-commerce world.


  • Tailored features for Shopify stores, including abandoned cart recovery.
  • Order notifications keep customers engaged and informed.
  • Automation in customer support to handle inquiries promptly.


  • Restricted to Shopify users, limiting its applicability.
  • Doesn't offer advanced analytics or CRM integration for data-driven strategies.

Free Trial:

7-day free trial to try out its features.


Starts at $9/month, making it accessible even for small Shopify stores.

Here is a quick list with extensive details of the top WhatsApp marketing software available in the market- Click HERE to access

Getting the Most Out of Your DoubleTick Experience

Choosing the right WhatsApp marketing platform can significantly impact your business's success. DoubleTick, designed to take your sales and marketing strategies to the next level, is an all-in-one package offering a variety of exclusive features. Here's how you can get the most out of your DoubleTick experience:

Exclusive Features

In a nutshell, DoubleTick is more than just a WhatsApp marketing tool; it's your all-in-one digital partner for unparalleled customer engagement, team collaboration, and data-driven growth. With its robust features, seamless integrations, and mobile-first approach, DoubleTick isn't just keeping up with the future of business communication—it's defining it. Make the switch today, and turn every tick into a successful transaction. Your ultimate WhatsApp marketing solution is just a DoubleTick away.

  1. Cloud-Based Team Inbox: DoubleTick offers a shared inbox accessible to your entire team, making collaboration and customer management seamless.
  2. AI-Powered Commerce Bot: With the built-in AI commerce bot, you can automate tasks like order booking and catalogue sharing, enhancing your sales process.
  3. Unlimited Broadcast Messaging: DoubleTick allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp broadcast messages to both saved and unsaved contacts, ensuring maximum reach.
  4. Dynamic Catalogue Sharing: A feature not commonly found in other platforms, this allows you to customize your product catalogue based on the customer's behaviour or needs.
  5. Advanced Chatbot: The AI-powered active WhatsApp chatbot can send automated messages for various alerts, including anniversaries, birthdays, and abandoned cart notifications.
  6. Real-time Analytics and Reporting: DoubleTick provides analytics tools that help you fine-tune your marketing strategies based on real-time data.
  7. Role-Based Access: Maintain control over your team’s activities by assigning roles and access permissions within your DoubleTick account.
  8. Integration Capabilities: DoubleTick supports integration with popular tools like Zapier, WooCommerce, and Google Sheets, making it easy to incorporate it into your existing tech stack.
  9. Mobile-First Approach: The platform is designed to be used on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to manage your campaigns on the go.

Benefits of Choosing DoubleTick

  1. All-in-One Platform: From sales to customer service, DoubleTick has it all, so you don’t have to juggle between different platforms.
  2. Customer Engagement: The personalization and automation features in DoubleTick allow you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.
  3. Efficiency and Productivity: With a shared inbox, automated features, and scheduled messaging, your team can handle tasks more efficiently.
  4. Versatile Integrations: The ability to integrate with other business tools allows DoubleTick to fit seamlessly into your operational workflow.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Advanced analytics features make it easier for you to understand your audience and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support: Whether it’s through a call, WhatsApp, or email, you can always rely on DoubleTick’s customer service to solve your problems promptly.
  7. Flexible Pricing: With various pricing plans to choose from, DoubleTick makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of their premium features.
  8. Mobile Convenience: The mobile-first approach means you can take your business with you wherever you go, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
  9. Robust Security: With end-to-end encryption and role-based access, DoubleTick ensures that your business and customer data remain secure.
Read more about DoubleTick here - What is DoubleTick and How This Could Be Your Greatest WhatsApp Marketing and Sales Tool

Choosing DoubleTick is about embracing an ecosystem that lets you manage all aspects of WhatsApp marketing under one roof. Its rich features and benefits position it as a potent tool for any forward-thinking business, allowing you to sell more in less time while fostering meaningful customer relationships.

Wrapping Up!

​In a nutshell, DoubleTick is more than just a WhatsApp marketing tool; it's your all-in-one digital partner for unparalleled customer engagement, team collaboration, and data-driven growth. With its robust features, seamless integrations, and mobile-first approach, DoubleTick isn't just keeping up with the future of business communication—it's defining it. Make the switch today, and turn every tick into a successful transaction. Your ultimate WhatsApp marketing solution is just a DoubleTick away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the Cost of WhatsApp Marketing?

Answer: WhatsApp Marketing can be free through the WhatsApp Business App. However, using a WhatsApp API-based platform like DoubleTick involves platform fees starting, along with charges for WhatsApp Conversations.

Book a Free Demo with our WhatsApp Expert to learn about the commercials in detail. 

Question: Is Marketing on WhatsApp Legally Permissible?

Answer: Yes, WhatsApp Marketing is absolutely legal, especially when conducted via official WhatsApp API-based platforms like DoubleTick. Renowned brands such as Tupperware, Sabyasachi, and Pantaloons, leverage WhatsApp Marketing to enhance customer service and boost sales.

Question: How Can I Expand My Audience on WhatsApp?

Answer: Growing your WhatsApp audience can be achieved through multiple channels, such as sharing your WhatsApp links on social media, integrating a WhatsApp button on your website, implementing pop-ups that lead to WhatsApp, or even using QR codes on product packaging and in stores.

Question: What Benefits Can I Expect from WhatsApp Marketing?

Answer: WhatsApp Marketing offers numerous advantages, including the potential to 7X your sales, bolster your brand's trustworthiness, enhance customer satisfaction, and significantly reduce both marketing costs and effort.

Question: Why is Marketing Through WhatsApp Vital for Businesses?

Answer: With a global user base of 2.5 billion, WhatsApp is a communication powerhouse. The platform boasts a remarkable 98% message open rate and a 45-60% click-through rate, making it substantially more effective than traditional channels like email and SMS. That's why incorporating WhatsApp into your business marketing strategy is crucial.

Question: How Do I Conduct Bulk Marketing on WhatsApp?

Answer: Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is simplified by using official WhatsApp Engagement Suites like DoubleTick. The platform allows you to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of users, offers multi-device live chat support, and other advanced features to automate your marketing strategies.

Question: Is WhatsApp Marketing Truly Effective?

Answer: Absolutely, WhatsApp Marketing is highly effective. With a message open rate of 98% and a click-through rate ranging between 45-60%, WhatsApp gives your brand the visibility it needs to drive sales and revenue.

Question: What is DoubleTick and how is it different from other WhatsApp marketing tools?

Answer: DoubleTick is an all-in-one WhatsApp marketing and customer engagement platform. It sets itself apart with features like a cloud-based shared team inbox, unlimited WhatsApp broadcast messaging, dynamic catalogue sharing, and an advanced AI-powered chatbot. It's designed to optimize team efficiency and streamline your entire sales process.

Question: Does DoubleTick offer a free trial?

Answer: Yes, we do offer a demo account that you can play with. Download the DoubleTick App from the Google Play Store and App Store to test with a demo account.

Question: Is DoubleTick mobile-friendly?

Answer: Absolutely, DoubleTick is optimized for mobile usage. The platform is built with a mobile-first approach, allowing you to manage your business on-the-go with ease.

Question: What kind of customer support can I expect with DoubleTick?

Answer: DoubleTick prides itself on offering 24/7 customer support. You can reach out via call, WhatsApp, or email to get your questions answered or issues resolved.

Question: Can I integrate DoubleTick with other tools I use?

Answer: Yes, DoubleTick offers easy integrations with popular tools like Zapier, WooCommerce, and Google Sheets, enabling you to customize your workflow to your specific needs.