Actionable WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Diwali Sales by 10X

Experimented with numerous marketing hacks for your Diwali campaigns but haven't hit your mark? Give WhatsApp marketing a try this season and watch your sales skyrocket by 10x!

The Diwali clock is ticking, and the market is buzzing. 

Competition is fierce, and brands are on the hunt for that unique edge. 

The race is on to grab consumers' attention!

With a landscape more competitive than ever, standing out requires more than just the usual tactics. It's time to explore a channel that your audience loves and trusts — WhatsApp! A platform where your audience not only resides but actively engages.

Imagine tapping into the heartbeats of countless consumers, showing them the right offers at the right time and the right place. With WhatsApp, influencing a purchase decision becomes as spontaneous as lighting a Diwali lamp.

But wait, there's another ace up the sleeve: DoubleTick. This powerhouse can channel the Diwali vibes right into your brand’s strategies, amplifying your reach and results. Curious about how DoubleTick works its magic? We'll dive deep into that.

In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the potential of WhatsApp marketing, offering you actionable insights and strategies tailored for Diwali. Whether it's reaching the massive user base or sending out Diwali wishes that hit just the right chord, we've got it mapped out for you.

Curious? Let's unpack why, amidst the dazzling Diwali lights and fierce market competition, WhatsApp emerges as your golden ticket to skyrocketing sales this festive season and why WhatsApp is your golden ticket this festive season.

Let the journey begin!

Fun Fact: Do you know that during Diwali, an average consumer's purchasing power catapults by a staggering 5x?

Why WhatsApp Marketing This Diwali?

Imagine this...

While Diwali lights are sparkling, folks are taking a break from the usual internet surfing. But there's one app they’re glued to - WhatsApp. It’s where all the festive chatter happens, from planning parties to sharing memories.

Now, here's the real deal:

  1. Buzzing Non-stop: Unlike other apps, WhatsApp doesn’t see the festive downtime. Everyone’s on it, chatting away, making it a hot spot for businesses.
  2. Mind-blowing Numbers: Think about this. 2.7 billion people use it. Messages get a whopping 98% open rate, and a good 45-60% of people actually click on links. In the marketing world, that's just pure gold!
  3. Get Real Engagement: 7 out of 10 people on WhatsApp don’t just read messages, they engage. For businesses, that means your offers and deals don’t just sit there, they spark action.
  4. It's Personal: Diwali’s all about close connections. And what better than WhatsApp to make your brand a part of those personal chats?

If you want to see your sales rocket this Diwali, WhatsApp might just be your launchpad. Curious how? Keep reading!

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Why Do You Need a Diwali WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

When Diwali arrives, it's not just a festival of lights and joy; it's also the season of new product launches, irresistible deals and offers. Almost every brand, whether a mammoth in the market or a fledgling startup, is vying for the same audience's attention. In the cacophony of promotions across the usual platforms like social media and emails, how do you ensure your voice is heard, and your offers are noticed?

That’s where WhatsApp comes into the marketing stack! This messaging titan is not just another app; it's becoming the marketer's magic wand, especially during the festive season.

Let's break down the wonders WhatsApp delivered for brands, especially the DTC brands with their WhatsApp marketing campaigns:

  • Sky-High Engagement: An average open rate of 98%. When was the last time your email campaign achieved that?
  • Instant Attention: Messages aren't just opened; they're read within 2 minutes of receiving.
  • Impressive Engagement: With a click-through rate soaring above 45% and a response rate that's 37% higher than other channels, WhatsApp ensures your audience isn't just listening; they're interacting.

But hold on, the magic doesn't just happen. The key lies in coupling the power of WhatsApp Business API with a well-crafted strategy.

By strategizing effectively, the benefits multiply:

  • Budget-Friendly Promotions: With WhatsApp, high ROI doesn't demand a hefty budget. The minimal costs involved are a small price to pay, especially when juxtaposed with the escalating Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) on other platforms.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Be it chatbots attending to queries round the clock or real humans providing that personal touch, platforms like DoubleTick take your customer service on WhatsApp to the next level.
  • Boosted Conversions: Personalized offers and messages on WhatsApp don't just engage; they convert. Experience up to a whopping 7X increase in your conversion rates!

So, are you ready to unlock the festive potential of WhatsApp marketing this Diwali? Stick with us, as we lay down the ultimate roadmap for you.

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How to Get Started with WhatsApp Marketing for the Festive Season

1. Decoding the Festive Pulse of India

Imagine you're a brand aiming to connect with the Indian audience. The cultural mosaic of India is as varied as its festivals—from the splendour of Durga Puja in the East to the vibrant celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi in the West. How do you find your footing in this vibrant panorama? The secret lies in diving deep into the cultural ethos of each celebration, creating messages that echo these profound sentiments.

WhatsApp, given its unparalleled popularity in India, is your ideal ally. Its diverse features empower you to categorize your audience based on dialects, regions, and even festival-specific details. For example, while you could send Durga Puja wishes in Bengali to your Eastern Indian audience, you might send Ganesh Chaturthi greetings in Marathi to patrons in Maharashtra.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lean on Analytics: Harness WhatsApp Business API analytics for sharper insights into your audience.
  • Regional Nuances Shine: Customize messages according to regional festivities.
  • Language Connects Hearts: Embrace regional dialects to make your WhatsApp messages more relatable.
  • Festive Deals are Gems: Special festival deals can elevate the appeal of your messages.

2. Sculpting Messages that Touch the Heart

Communication is not just about words; it's a bridge that connects feelings. In a nation as linguistically rich as India, leveraging regional dialects during festivals can build deeper bonds.

Constructing Heartfelt Messages:

Moving beyond a mere "Happy Navratri" or "Eid Mubarak" means encapsulating the spirit of the festivity. During Navratri, emphasizing the power of the goddess can make your message shine. Similarly, during Eid, a message reflecting harmony and togetherness can magnify the festival's warmth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Language is a Bridge: Tap into regional dialects to connect on a personal level.
  • Beyond the Generic: Embrace the core values of each festival in your messages.
  • Value Enhances Connection: Weave in offers or data pertinent to the festivity.
  • Maximize WhatsApp Tools: Use WhatsApp Business Platform's automated replies and template messages to refine your messaging.

3. Making Engagement a Two-Way Street

In our digital age, meaningful engagement is born from dialogue, not just one-way messages. DoubleTick's List Messages and Reply Buttons can morph your festive greetings into dynamic exchanges. Visualize sending a List Message where patrons can browse Raksha Bandhan gift ideas right in the chat. Or, using Reply Buttons to gather feedback on a Dussehra e-event. These not only elevate engagement but also infuse personalization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Dynamic Engagement: List Messages can tailor interactions based on the festivity.
  • Quick Interactions Matter: Reply Buttons allow swift user feedback or queries.
  • Marry Interaction with Tradition: Ensure the interactive features mirror the festival's core sentiments.

4. The Power of Visual Narratives in Festive Campaigns

Visuals speak volumes, especially during festive seasons. Consider a Raksha Bandhan campaign, punctuated with images of intricate rakhis, or a Dussehra celebration capturing the essence of good triumphing over evil. These evocative images can breathe life into your messages. With the multimedia capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Platform, you're poised to flex your creative muscles.

The Importance of Cross-Device Compatibility:

India's smartphone landscape is varied. Ensuring your visual campaigns shine equally well on both a budget and a flagship device is pivotal. A well-optimized image or video can make the difference between a message that's simply seen and one that truly resonates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visuals Stir Emotions: Employ imagery that reflects the heart of each festival.
  • Device Compatibility is Key: Test visuals across devices to ensure a consistent experience.
  • Variety Engages: Use WhatsApp's multimedia support to share diverse content, from gifs to videos.

5. Ensuring Platform Preparedness

Festive times in India are synonymous with heightened activity. Your messaging platform must be robust to handle this influx. DoubleTick WhatsApp API provides the muscle to deliver bulk messages without compromising on delivery quality. But, proactive planning is key.

Handling the Notification Tsunami on Peak Days:

As festivals peak, so do customer interactions. Forecasting this spike and prepping your support team is crucial. While chatbots can handle initial queries, having a human backup ensures deeper issues are addressed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pre-emptive Planning Wins: Set up in advance to utilize WhatsApp's High Throughput Tier efficiently.
  • Stay Responsive: Combine automated replies with a human touch for a seamless festive customer experience.
  • Stay Agile with Features: Harness platform features to manage high interaction volumes, ensuring no customer feels left out.

6. Steering Clear of Messaging Missteps

The festive excitement might propel brands towards mass messaging, but caution is paramount. The WhatsApp Business Platform has limits to preserving the interaction quality. Being mindful of these can prevent potential account restrictions.

Safeguarding Your Brand Amidst Bulk Messaging:

Mass messaging can sometimes raise spam flags, potentially impacting your phone number's quality score on WhatsApp API. A proactive check ensures your festive wishes aren't mistaken for spam.

Key Takeaways:

  • Awareness Prevents Missteps: Stay informed about the platform's limits.
  • Quality over Quantity: Regularly check your phone number's quality score to stay in the clear.
  • Craft with Care: Balance promotional content to ensure messages are festive and genuine, reducing spam triggers.

How to Use WhatsApp Before, During, and After Diwali to Get More Sales?

So far, we've explored the role of WhatsApp in festive marketing and the significance of understanding the Indian audience. Now, let's dive into specific strategies for using WhatsApp around Diwali to maximize sales. Ready? Let's go!

Before Diwali

Set Up WhatsApp Catalog and Collections

Having enticing deals is of no benefit if your customers can't locate them promptly. With the eCommerce landscape awash with competitive offers this festive season, it's paramount that your offers not only grab attention but are also easily accessible. If they aren't, your festive strategies could fall flat. That's where the importance of creating an efficient WhatsApp catalog steps in. Ensure your WhatsApp catalogue prominently features products on festive specials. And for those with an extensive product range, it's advisable to segment them into distinct collections, simplifying the search for shoppers.

Engaging Through Interactive Festive-Centric Quizzes and Polls

​The festive season in India is not just about sales; it's about engagement and celebration. Dive deep into this sentiment by launching interactive quizzes and polls tailored to the festive theme. These activities not only boost engagement but also create a buzz around your brand. WhatsApp, being a personal communication channel, provides the perfect platform for such interactions. This way, you don't just sell; you celebrate with your audience.

Announce Your Latest Offers and Sales in Advance

​India's festive season is prime time for sales, so get ahead by announcing your promotions about a month in advance. Using WhatsApp, a platform with immense reach across demographics, ensures that your message gets the attention it deserves. With timely announcements, customers stay informed about the newest deals, ready to explore them on your website at their convenience.

Leverage 'Click to WhatsApp' Ads

For effective sales on WhatsApp, guiding customers to your WhatsApp storefront is crucial. During peak sale times, when small inconveniences can drive customers away, it's wise to bypass your main website to avoid overwhelming them. That's where 'Click-to-WhatsApp' ads come in. Run your festive promotions on social media, then lead potential buyers directly to WhatsApp, cultivating their interest. For best results, start your CTWA campaigns early and integrate automated workflows to engage those leads transitioning from social media to your business profile.

Offer a Glimpse of the Discounts You're Going to Offer

In the sea of eCommerce brands hosting festive sales, standing out is essential. How will you catch your customer's eye amidst the flood of offers? Offer sneak peeks of your deals and discounts to pique interest. Inform customers about what they can anticipate, but retain an element of surprise. Reveal deals gradually, building anticipation with each reveal.

Here's a strategy to consider:

  • Plan your festive sales well in advance and begin with teaser campaigns. 
  • Craft compelling teasers for your promotions. 
  • Start circulating these teasers early. 
  • Showcase snippets of some of your top discounts.

Take Preorders on WhatsApp

Capitalizing on pre-orders can amplify your sales strategy:

  • It ensures early sales commitment.
  • Elevates the customer journey.
  • Facilitates inventory forecasting.
  • Draws in more patrons.
  • Assesses product demand.

Many customers earmark the festive season for purchases from their wishlists. By initiating a WhatsApp pre-order campaign, you harness this anticipation, driving demand further. The volume of pre-orders can be a valuable indicator of product demand, allowing for more efficient inventory management.

Quick Tip: Using tools like DoubleTick, you can streamline the process further by sending direct WhatsApp checkout links. This not only enhances the customer experience but also accelerates the payment process.

Highlight Diwali Return/Exchange Guidelines

​The festive sales period can be bustling, leading to potential oversight of vital details. Why not proactively share your return, exchange, and refund policies with customers? This preemptive step ensures a hassle-free shopping experience for them.

Boost Anticipation with Sale Countdowns

​Festivals naturally bring a wave of excitement, especially with the enticing deals they usher in. Harness this upbeat mood and amplify the buzz for your upcoming festive sales. Launch an automated WhatsApp marketing strategy that counts down to your sale, sprinkling in sneak peeks of the deals. This stokes curiosity and retains customer engagement. Once your sale kicks off, a countdown emphasizing the sale's closure can instil urgency, spurring faster buying decisions driven by FOMO.

Host WhatsApp-Exclusive Festive Events and Webinars

The festive season is a prime time to foster a deeper connection with your audience. Why not use WhatsApp, a platform familiar to millions, to create exclusive events that truly resonate? Hosting festive webinars and events specifically on WhatsApp adds an intimate touch, setting you apart from competitors.

Engage with live Q&A sessions, showcase behind-the-scenes preparations for the festive sales, or perhaps conduct interactive product demonstrations. These activities not only offer valuable insights but also build anticipation and foster loyalty.

Moreover, leveraging WhatsApp ensures a seamless experience for attendees. They don’t need to juggle between apps; everything happens within a platform they trust and use daily.

Pro tip: Spice up your events with festive-themed emojis and stickers. This adds a touch of festivity and makes your content more relatable and enjoyable.

Boost Anticipation with Regular Festive Sale Reminders

With the festive sale season being highly competitive, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind is crucial. To truly make an impact and differentiate yourself, it's essential to send consistent reminders, building enthusiasm for the upcoming sales. Harness the power of WhatsApp Business API's smart WhatsApp automation to make these reminders effective and timely.

Pro tip: Enhance engagement by incorporating interactive elements, such as quick reply options and list messages, simplifying the response process for your audience.

Set Up Festive-Themed Interactive Chatbots

In the spirit of the festive season, why not give your customer service a festive twist? By setting up festive-themed chatbots on WhatsApp, you can provide instant responses, handle inquiries more efficiently, and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers. These chatbots can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions about your festive offers, guide users through your product catalogue, or even share festive greetings, making every interaction feel special and personalized. Not only does this enhance user engagement, but it also reduces the load on your customer service team during the busy sales season. Embrace the festive fervour and ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression with a chatbot that embodies the joy and excitement of the holidays.

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During Diwali

Shift the Shopping Experience to WhatsApp

​During the festive season, shoppers often make swift and spontaneous purchases. With customers hopping between brands to seize the best deals, you can streamline their shopping experience. Rather than directing them to your website for product details, why not use automated WhatsApp catalogue messages? And, to facilitate a smooth transaction, offer direct checkout links or payment options within WhatsApp. This strategy minimizes potential drop-offs that can happen when shifting from messaging platforms to websites, ensuring a seamless shopping journey.

Announce Live Deals and Offers Continuously

​To sustain the festive buzz during Diwali, it's crucial to send out live sale notifications. Without consistent reminders, your deals might slip from your customers' minds.
Hey Aliva,
Our Diwali sale has kicked off!
Use the code Aliva30 to enjoy a 30% discount on our top deals.
Happy shopping!

Alert Customers About Products Going Out of Stock 

Amidst the Diwali shopping frenzy, customers often hop between sites to snatch the best bargains. Ensure they're reminded about your soon-to-be-sold-out products to prevent them from missing out on exclusive deals. When sending WhatsApp broadcasts, consider these tactics:

  • Showcase the product visually with an image.
  • Instil a sense of urgency by highlighting limited stock, like mentioning only two items remain.
  • Throw in an additional discount as a nudge.
  • Motivate them towards a swift checkout.

Run Personalized WhatsApp Broadcast Campaigns

​Classify your WhatsApp customer list using criteria like demographics, previous purchases, shown interests, or their past campaign interactions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all festive message, tailor your broadcasts to each segment. This customization ensures that the deals resonate more with their preferences, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Offer Prompt Shopping Assistance

Use automated WhatsApp support to be responsive and dependable. As more customers shop via WhatsApp during the festive season, you'll see an increase in questions and requests for help. Instead of overwhelming your team, use the DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API to auto-reply to common questions about product sizes, returns, refunds, and available discounts. This not only saves your team time but also guarantees timely help for your shoppers.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Support

Customers expect quick answers to their questions, whether about shipping, exchanges, sizing, or product quality. Simplify this by having FAQs ready on common topics, freeing you up for more intricate issues. With tools like DoubleTick, you can manage support queries more easily. DoubleTick offers a streamlined cloud-based team inbox and no-code WhatsApp chatbots to handle inquiries efficiently.

Set Up Abandoned Cart Recovery

During festive seasons like Diwali, cart abandonment rises to nearly 74%. Shoppers often leave items in their carts hoping to find better deals elsewhere. Common reasons they abandon include:

  • High shipping costs
  • Finding better prices elsewhere
  • More appealing deals from competitors
  • Limited payment methods

To tackle this, consider these cart recovery messages:

  • Warn them that the product might sell out soon
  • Offer additional discounts
  • Assist with any checkout issues they might have.

Automate Back-in-Stock Alerts

During the festive sales rush, popular items often sell out quickly. But when you restock, customers are eager to know. This presents a perfect chance to boost sales for these sought-after products.

By setting up automated "back in stock" notifications on WhatsApp, you give shoppers a quick way to snag their favourites before they're gone again!

Transaction Alerts and Updates

​During Diwali, people shop a lot. While they get updates through notifications and emails, WhatsApp alerts can be more convenient. By sharing order confirmations and updates on WhatsApp, customers can shop smoothly without constantly checking their emails.
For instance:
Hi Aliva,
Your Order #1234 is confirmed. We'll update you about shipping soon. Need help? Just ask!

Send Shipping Alerts

After a customer orders, it's great to quickly update them about shipping on WhatsApp. This lets them relax and maybe shop some more. Sending these updates on WhatsApp means they have all the details in one spot and can check anytime.
Here are some alerts you might send:

  • Link to track the order
  • Info on when it's shipped
  • When it's out for delivery
  • When it's been delivered

    For instance:
    Hi Aliva,
    Your order #2345 is on its way! Expect it in 3-5 days. Remember to share code XYZ upon delivery.
    Track it here.

Share Product Recommendations

Boost your sales by suggesting products that align with what your customers have bought or looked at. Use the data you've gathered, like their preferences and previous purchases, to recommend items during the Diwali/festive sale.
Here's how:

  • Offer tailored product suggestions.
  • Recommend products that align with their interests.
  • Suggest related items or add-ons based on their past purchases.

For instance:
Hi Aliva,
Glad you loved our sharara set! Why not pair it with these stunning bangles for the perfect touch?
Take a peek!

After Diwali

Ask for Product Feedback

After a purchase, it's a good idea to ask customers for their thoughts. This can help get good reviews and show new customers that people like your products.

Tip: Start by using quick buttons to see if they liked their purchase. If they did, then ask for a review. This way, you can catch any issues before they leave a review online.

Share Remaining Products from the Sale

Even with great offers, sometimes not everything sells out during the sale. After Diwali, you can still promote what's left. Offer deals like extra discounts or quick shipping. Many people might still want something they had their eye on before.

Message Idea:

Hey Aliva,

We've still got a post-Diwali sale happening! Enjoy an added 25% off and quick delivery on top picks.

See what's available!

Announce Extended Sale 

Lots of online stores extend their Diwali sale for an extra day or two. It's a chance to draw in more shoppers and clear out what's left. Plus, it gives customers another shot at snagging those great deals.

Run Surveys to Understand Your Customer Needs

You'll have plenty of first-time buyers this season. This is the perfect chance to bond with them and understand their needs better.
Why not send out a quick survey via WhatsApp? Dive into their preferences and what they like.
Hi Aliva,
Being part of our community means a lot to us. Let's get to know each other better.
Help us serve you better by taking this quick survey. And hey, there's a special gift waiting for you at the end!
Take Survey Now!
Pro tip: Using DoubleTick, you can make your survey feel more like a chat, making it easy and engaging for customers. A simple experience leads to more responses!

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How DoubleTick Could Help You Gain 10X Sales on WhatsApp?

Now that you're equipped with a multitude of Diwali strategies to keep your customers engaged, the question arises: how do you effectively execute them? After all, a strategy, no matter how brilliant, is only as good as its implementation. 

Unlock 10X Sales on WhatsApp with DoubleTick 

Transitioning from planning to action requires robust tools. With DoubleTick's WhatsApp Business API, you're not just sending out messages; you're crafting a holistic marketing experience centred around revenue generation.

  1. Seamless Campaign Management: Set up, monitor, and fine-tune your WhatsApp campaigns effortlessly, bringing your festive strategies to life.
  2. Targeted Outreach: Segment and retarget your audience, ensuring that each message strikes a chord.
  3. Amplify Your Sales: Leverage the expansive reach of WhatsApp with DoubleTick, aiming for a significant uptick in sales.
  4. Personal Touch at Scale: Offer every customer a unique experience, even as your team works in tandem behind the scenes.
  5. A Mark of Trust: The coveted WhatsApp Green tick is not just a symbol. It's a testament to your brand's authenticity.

Why Choose DoubleTick's WhatsApp Business API? 

The digital age demands digital solutions, and with WhatsApp reigning supreme among messaging apps, DoubleTick is here to help you capitalize on its potential. Here’s why DoubleTick stands out:

  1. Mobile-First Approach: We understand the mobile era. DoubleTick is tailored for seamless operation on mobile devices, ensuring your marketing remains on point and in the palms of your customers.
  2. Broaden Your Outreach: Bulk broadcast your catalog and messages to both saved and unsaved contacts without a hitch.
  3. Automated Marketing: Schedule your messages and let our system handle the rest. Be present without being present.
  4. Real-Time Analytics: Stay updated. From reads to replies, monitor your campaign performance with detailed insights.
  5. Unified Communication: One WhatsApp number for your entire brand, supported by a cloud-based inbox, ensuring that no message goes unanswered.
  6. Streamlined Catalog Sharing: Our AI-powered Commerce BOT takes the guesswork out of order bookings and catalogue sharing.
  7. AI-Powered Chatbot: Beyond order processes, our chatbot handles customer inquiries, sends festive wishes, alerts on abandoned carts, reminds of pending balances, and more.
  8. Seamless Integrations: Love using tools like Zapier, Shopify, or WooCommerce? DoubleTick integrates them effortlessly, making your workflow smooth.
  9. Tailored WABA Numbers: Assign differentiated WhatsApp Business API numbers for cross-functional teams, ensuring a personalised experience.
  10. Stay in Control: Block unwanted messages and maintain a clutter-free inbox.
  11. User-Friendly Design: Navigate with ease. Whether on mobile or desktop, DoubleTick's intuitive design ensures you always find what you need.
  12. Round-the-Clock Support: Questions or concerns? Our dedicated team is available 24/7 through call, WhatsApp, or email. We're here to help.

With DoubleTick, you're not just getting a tool; you're equipping yourself with a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing suite, designed for success.

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Wrapping Up!

With the festive season around the corner, it's imperative to harness the power of WhatsApp for your marketing endeavours. From post-purchase interactions to understanding customer needs, every touchpoint matters. And with DoubleTick's robust features at your disposal, you're not just reaching out; you're resonating. Elevate your festive marketing strategy with precision and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is the primary advantage of using DoubleTick for festive marketing?

Answer: DoubleTick offers a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing solution that not only allows businesses to communicate with their customers but also to generate revenue. From bulk WhatsApp broadcasts to real-time tracking, it ensures a seamless festive marketing experience.

Question: How does DoubleTick's WhatsApp Business API differ from regular WhatsApp?

Answer: DoubleTick's WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with enhanced features tailored for marketing, such as bulk broadcasting, detailed analytics, AI-powered automation, and integrations with popular tools like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Question: Can DoubleTick help automate responses to common customer queries?

Answer: Absolutely! DoubleTick offers AI-powered active chatbots that can automatically answer customer queries, send reminders, and even handle tasks like abandoned cart notifications.

Question: What if I have multiple teams that need to use WhatsApp for different purposes?

Answer: No problem! DoubleTick provides differentiated WABA (WhatsApp Business API) numbers for cross-functional teams. This ensures that each team can offer a more personalized customer experience using their distinct API number.

Question: Is it possible to try out DoubleTick before committing?

Answer: Yes, DoubleTick offers a free demo, allowing businesses to get a hands-on experience of its features and capabilities before making a decision.

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