WhatsApp Account Blocked? Here Are The Tips To Unblock It Easily

WhatsApp account blocked?

Tried out a few ways to unblock, but failed?

Well... fret not! As we’re here to help you!

Losing access to your WhatsApp account can be frustrating especially when you're relying on it for business communication and operation. 

You may have some crucial conversations to take care of and important leads to connect. So, if your WhatsApp account is blocked, you should get it unblocked at the earliest possible, especially, if you're leveraging this platform for lead qualification, customer support and business communications.

Now you might be wondering, “How to unblock my WhatsApp account?”

Well... in this article we'll explore all the possible and easy ways to unblock your WhatsApp account, as soon as possible. We'll also talk about some best practices so that you can use WhatsApp responsibly and avoid future bans.

But before we jump right into the possible ways to unblock your WhatsApp account let's first take a moment to understand why your WhatsApp account might have been blocked in the first place. By discovering the reasons behind this setback, you'll be well-equipped to deal with the issue and restore the platform for your normal use.

So, without further ado let's begin the journey to unblocking your WhatsApp account!

How to get WhatsApp Business API

What Do You Mean By WhatsApp Business Account Banned?

If you encounter a message stating "This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp" or "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help." it means your account has been restricted. Such occurrences are not rare. Fortunately, there's a possibility to have your WhatsApp number reinstated by following some approaches that we'll discuss in the later part of the section.

A banned WhatsApp account can lead to a huge business loss, credibility, and customer trust. Here are the possible hardships that you might have to face:

  • Your customer support will break as your customers may not be able to communicate with you over WhatsApp for any support or query resolution.
  • Your ongoing WhatsApp campaigns will stop and you'll have to resort to traditional communication channels such as email or SMS (with less open & read rates) to continue your business communication.
  • Your WhatsApp sales funnel will shut off entirely losing potential clients who prefer to communicate and make buying decisions over WhatsApp.

The list could go long and the circumstances could even get worse but by finding the right reasons behind why your WhatsApp account is blocked could help you get back into it faster.

So without further ado let's dive right into it!

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Reasons Why Your WhatsApp Account is Blocked

Typically, WhatsApp imposes bans on accounts that breach its terms and conditions, but there can be additional factors at play. So if your WhatsApp account is blocked, the first thing you need to do is to find out why they've imposed a restriction and appeal for a review.

If your appeal is successful then the restriction will only last a week, otherwise, your account will be permanently suspended. In the worst scenario, you won't be able to access your account again, resulting in the loss of all your contacts and chat histories.

Let's see all the possible reasons that could lead to your WhatsApp account getting blocked:

  1. Reported by Multiple Users: If you're getting blocked by several users, WhatsApp takes notice. This often indicates spammy or unwanted behaviour, prompting WhatsApp to take action against your account.

  2. Bulk Messaging to Non-Contacts: WhatsApp values user experience. Sending a barrage of messages to people who haven't saved your number? That's a red flag for WhatsApp, potentially leading to a block.

  3. Suspected Malicious Files: Safety First! WhatsApp scans for malware. If you're sending files flagged as suspicious, you're risking a block to safeguard the community.

  4. Rapid Group Joins: Join too many groups too quickly, and WhatsApp might confuse you with a bot, triggering a block.

  5. Impersonation or Fake Accounts: Authenticity is key. Using someone else's identity or creating fake profiles can lead to a swift ban.

  6. Unauthorized WhatsApp Versions: Using cracked or modified versions of WhatsApp, like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, breaches WhatsApp's terms and risks a block.

  7. Harvesting Personal Data: WhatsApp fiercely protects user privacy. Extracting personal information without consent? That's a direct route to getting blocked.

  8. Terms of Service Violations: The broad spectrum of no-nos, from sending harmful content to engaging in illegal activities, can lead to account suspension.

  9. Inappropriate Content Sharing: Sharing illegal content, threatening, or violating community standards can result in a ban.

  10. Broadcast List Misuse: Overusing broadcast lists, especially without recipient consent, can trigger spam reports and lead to account suspension.

  11. Third-Party List Usage: Messaging users from acquired contact lists breaches WhatsApp's policies and can result in a block.

  12. Misinformation and Impersonation: Spreading false information or pretending to be someone else undermines trust and security, leading to potential account bans.

  13. Illegal Automation: Utilizing unauthorized WhatsApp automation tools for bulk messaging or auto-dialling is a violation that WhatsApp actively detects and blocks.

  14. Inappropriate Group Behavior: Adding users to groups without their consent or having your groups reported en masse can flag your account for review and potential blocking.

  15. Excessive Message Broadcasting: Overloading your broadcasts can irritate recipients, prompting reports and risking a ban.

  16. Spammy Advertisements: Flooding contacts with promotional content, especially when it's unsolicited, can lead to a block, especially if it's deemed spammy or intrusive.

  17. Rapid Fire Messaging: Sending vast numbers of messages in a short timeframe can trigger WhatsApp's spam detectors, risking a block.

  18. Creating Multiple Groups Quickly: If you're setting up numerous groups in a flash, it might look suspicious, akin to bot behaviour, and could result in a block.

  19. Repeated Terms of Service Violations: Consistently breaking the rules? WhatsApp may take a stand and block your account to maintain platform integrity and user safety.

  20. Security Threats: Engaging in activities that threaten the security of the platform or its users, like attempting to hack WhatsApp servers, can lead to immediate account suspension.

By grasping the reasons behind potential account blocks, you're better positioned to use WhatsApp responsibly, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted communication experience.

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Types of WhatsApp Bans?

There are primarily two types of WhatsApp bans:

1. Temporary Ban

2. Permanent Ban

Here is a detailed breakdown of them and what they entail.

Temporary Ban

What is it?: If you've been sending lots of messages to people who don't have your number, WhatsApp might think you're spamming. Maybe you're telling them about a product, but they didn't ask for your messages. When WhatsApp notices this, they might put your account on a short break to figure things out. This is called a temporary ban.

What happens?: During a temporary ban, your access to WhatsApp is suspended. No messaging, no calls, nada. You'll see a countdown timer indicating when the ban will lift.

Why it happens: Common triggers include using unauthorized WhatsApp versions or engaging in behaviour that's spammy but not malicious enough for harsher penalties.

Recovery Steps: If the ban is due to an unofficial app, switch to the official WhatsApp. The goal here is to correct course and adhere to WhatsApp's rules.

Permanent Ban

What is it?: If you keep breaking the rules even after WhatsApp has given you warnings, like sharing stuff that's really not okay, or if you're constantly spamming people, WhatsApp might decide it's time for a tougher consequence. This is where a permanent ban comes in. A permanent ban is WhatsApp's strict response to serious violations, like spreading harmful content or relentless spamming.

What happens?: A permanent ban cuts off all access to your account forever, and there's no coming back with the same number. Your chat history? Consider it history.

Why it happens: Severe or repeated breaches of WhatsApp's terms, such as sending illegal content or being a chronic source of spam, can lead to this drastic action.

Appealing the Ban: While you can reach out to WhatsApp support for clarity or to make a case, the chances of overturning a permanent ban are slim.

Business API Ban

What is it? Specific to businesses using WhatsApp's API for customer communications. If you start sending too many promotional messages or violate WhatsApp's business conduct guidelines, you might face this ban.

What happens?: Your business loses access to the WhatsApp Business API, severely impacting your ability to engage with customers via WhatsApp.

Why it happens: Misuse of the Business API, like spamming customers or sending misleading information, triggers this ban.

Impact and Recovery: The ban can significantly affect your business communications. It's crucial to adhere strictly to WhatsApp's business policies to avoid this predicament.

Whether it's a temporary ban or a permanent one, each WhatsApp ban has its nuances. Understanding the type of ban you're facing is the first step in navigating the path to resolution or adjustment. Always prioritize compliance with WhatsApp's policies to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted communication experience on the platform.

Here is the guide with a step-by-step process to unblock your WhatsApp API Account: Click HERE to read

Methods to Unblock Your WhatsApp Account

You won't be able to use the platform if your WhatsApp number is blocked and you will see the message “This account is blocked from using WhatsApp” every time you open the app.

But, if you think you haven't violated any of the policies and regulations of WhatsApp then you can follow the below-mentioned approaches to unblock your WhatsApp account.

1. Unlock It Directly from the Banned Message

If you try to log in to your banned WhatsApp account, you'll get a message saying your number is banned from using WhatsApp. This message will likely have a way to contact WhatsApp, like "Contact Support" or "Learn More." Click that option. It will then open a pre-formatted email or contact form to send them a message directly. Explain what happened clearly and politely, and ask them to reconsider the ban.

2. Re-register Your Phone Number with WhatsApp

  • First Uninstall WhatsApp and then download and reinstall it on your smartphone.
  • Now enter the phone number that's been blocked.
  • You'll now be prompted to enter the 6-digit code received on your registered mobile number to complete the registration
  • You should now be able to access your WhatsApp account, however, if it doesn't work right away, you might need to wait 30 days before trying again.

You should also look for the support option during the process. 

With the option you can request a review of your account and there are high chances you'll get your account restored by the WhatsApp team. 

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Follow the aforementioned steps, look for the "Support" option during the process, and click on it.
  • You'll now be asked to fill in a form to request a review. Here you can explain the matter in detail and try to submit any additional information that could help your case.

The WhatsApp team will review it and if they find your case is genuine then you'll account will be unblocked right away. 

3. Through Web Support 

Visit the official WhatsApp website and go to the WhatsApp Help Centre by navigating it from the footer. On this page look for relevant FAQs or guides that resemble your situation. If you can’t find a solution, then try out the “Contact Us” option situation at the footer menu.

4. Send an Email to WhatsApp

  • Visit the WhatsApp contact page and choose the right category for your issue (personal or business account).
  • For personal accounts, use the online form. 
  • For business accounts, send an email to "smb_web@support.whatsapp.com" or 
    "businesscomplaints@support.whatsapp.com" highlighting your concern.
  • Provide detailed information about your issue, why you think the ban is a mistake, and request a review. 

If your case is genuine then your account will be unlocked in no time.

WhatsApp Support Email for Banned Number

For any concern related to WhatsApp, you can email WhatsApp’s support directly via support@whatsapp.com.

Use below email addresses for WhatsApp support email for banned number:

  • Personal WhatsApp Messanger: Use the "Contact Form" from the WhatsApp contact page 
  • WhatsApp Business App: send email to "smb_web@support.whatsapp.com" or "businesscomplaints@support.whatsapp.com"

It's advised to use a clear subject line, such as “Appeal for Banned WhatsApp Account” to make your issue noticeable.

In the email body, explain the issues, acknowledge any missteps, and request a review of your account.

Here are the other important WhatsApp email addresses that'd be of help:

  • Email Support: contact@whatsapp.com
  • For Android users: android_web@support.whatsapp.com
  • For iPhone users: iphone_web@support.whatsapp.com
  • For Windows Phone users: wp_web@support.whatsapp.com
  • For using WhatsApp Web or Desktop: webclient_web@support.whatsapp.com
  • For General Business Questions: bd@whatsapp.com

Here are the other sources from where you can request your appeal as well. 

For Business API Users

If you're a business API user, the process might differ slightly, as API accounts are less likely to be banned without prior warning. If your message campaign is paused for review, it's a different process from an outright ban.

Here is an exclusive guide to How to unblock the WhatsApp Business API account

While You Wait

  • Reflect on why you might have been blocked to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  • If it's a temporary ban, waiting it out is usually the best approach. Use this time to make sure you're fully compliant with WhatsApp's rules.
  • For permanent bans, after you've appealed, you'll need to be patient. WhatsApp reviews many such requests, and it might take some time to get back to you.

Learning from the Experience

  • Analyze what went wrong and how you can adjust your usage to avoid future bans. Whether it's changing how you send messages or ensuring you're not using unauthorized versions of WhatsApp, it's important to align with WhatsApp's terms of service.

What To Do In Case of Permanent WhatsApp Ban?

If WhatsApp says you're permanently banned, it's usually because you didn't follow their terms and policies, a bunch of times, even after multiple warnings. They're pretty serious about this, so getting back on isn't easy. 

If you think they made a mistake, you can try contacting their support team to explain and maybe get your account back. But this doesn't always work, and most people who get permanently banned stay that way.

If you end up permanently banned and can't fix it, your only choice is to get a new phone number and start a new WhatsApp account with that number.

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Tips to Avoid Your WhatsApp from Getting Blocked

Having your WhatsApp account blocked can throw a wrench in your daily communications, particularly if you rely on it for business. The key to avoiding such disruptions is understanding and adhering to WhatsApp's guidelines. Whether you're a personal user or managing a business account, here are some tailored strategies to help you steer clear of account blocks and maintain smooth communication on the platform.

  • Adhere to Terms of Service: The golden rule is to always follow WhatsApp's terms and policies. This means avoiding behaviours that might flag your account, like sending too many messages to people who don't have you saved as a contact or joining an excessive number of groups in a short span.
  • Be Thoughtful with What You Share: Before forwarding a message, link, or file, ensure its authenticity. Spreading misinformation or harmful content can quickly lead to a block.
  • Use Official WhatsApp App: Always use the official WhatsApp app to avoid risking a permanent ban.​
  • Secure Permissions: Always obtain consent before adding someone to a group and respect their choice to leave.
  • Maintain Opt-in Protocol: For businesses, secure an opt-in from customers before messaging, aligning with WhatsApp's anti-spam policies.
  • Utilize Business Features Judiciously: Features like automated replies and product catalogues should be used in a way that enhances user experience without infringing on WhatsApp's policies.

How To Use WhatsApp Responsibly?

WhatsApp is all about easy and secure chatting. It's meant to be a space where your messages stay just between you and the people you're chatting with, and the rules they've set up help keep everyone safe. Here are some simple tips for using WhatsApp the right way:

  1. Chat with People You Know: Only message people who have told you it's okay to message them on WhatsApp. Make sure your contacts have your phone number so they can text you first.

  2. Ask Before Adding Someone to a Group: Don't add anyone to a group without asking them first. If someone leaves a group, let them go without making a fuss.

  3. Control Your Group: If you're in charge of a group, you can change the settings so only you or other admins can send messages. This keeps the group from getting too many unnecessary messages.

  4. Think Before You Forward: WhatsApp marks forwarded messages. You can't forward a message to too many people at once. If you're not sure about a message or where it came from, it's better not to forward it.

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Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, always adhere to WhatsApp's terms and policies, using the platform responsibly. For businesses, it's wise not to solely depend on WhatsApp for data storing; ensure you have backup strategies in place to safeguard your important information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Some apps promise to unblock my WhatsApp number. Should I use them?

Answer: No! You shouldn't use them. Many of these apps are harmful and won't actually help you. Only WhatsApp can lift the ban from your number. If WhatsApp decides not to unblock you, those other apps won't be able to help either.

Question: Can I get back my permanently banned WhatsApp account?
Answer: It's tough to get back a permanently banned account, but you can request an appeal to WhatsApp.

Question: How long does a WhatsApp temporary ban last?
Answer: A temporary ban can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on what went wrong.

Question: Can I start a new WhatsApp account if my old one is blocked?
Answer: Yes, you can create a new account with a different phone number.

Question: If my account is blocked, will I lose my chats and contacts?
Answer: Yes, if your account is blocked, you won't be able to access your chats and contacts, but you can start over with a new account.

Question: How can I avoid getting my WhatsApp account blocked?
Answer: Follow WhatsApp's rules, don't spam, and don't use unofficial apps.

Question: Can uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp unblock my account?
Answer: No, reinstalling WhatsApp won't unblock your account. You need to fix the issue that got you blocked.

​Question: Can a VPN unblock my WhatsApp account?
Answer: A VPN can help you use WhatsApp in places where it's blocked but won't unblock a banned account.

Question: Can WhatsApp permanently ban a business number?
Answer: Yes, if a WhatsApp business number breaks the rules, WhatsApp can restrict or ban it, making you lose all contacts and chats.

Question: How do I unblock a WhatsApp Business account?
Answer: To unblock a business account, talk to WhatsApp support, don't send spam, send messages less often, use official Apps, and follow WhatsApp's rules.

How to get WhatsApp Business API