Revamp Your Business on WhatsApp with These High-Converting WhatsApp Business Message Templates

Tired of crafting WhatsApp Business message templates from scratch?

Struggling to get your WhatsApp message templates approved by Meta? You're not alone! 

WhatsApp marketing relies on pre-approved message templates, but navigating the guidelines can be challenging.

That's why we've created this ultimate cheat sheet to 150 ready-to-use WhatsApp Business message templates across varied industries.

But wait, there's more! This isn't just a dump of WhatsApp message templates. We'll also provide effective tips and best practices to ensure your messages resonate with customers, drive conversions, and get approved by Meta on the go.

Ready to unlock the power of WhatsApp marketing? Let's dive in!

But before we proceed, let's first understand "what is a WhatsApp Business message template?"

What is a WhatsApp Business Message Template?

Imagine a message that saves you time, keeps your communication consistent, and personalizes the experience for your customers. That's the magic of a WhatsApp Business Message Template.

These are pre-configured messages designed to initiate or respond to a conversation prompted by the customer. Businesses can use and send these message templates repeatedly.

You can create the general structure in these pre-written message blueprints, including placeholders for dynamic content like names, order numbers, or dates. These placeholders are like magic ingredients, allowing you to customize the template for each customer while maintaining a professional and personalised approach.

Here's an example:

Thank you for your request, { {1} }. Our team will respond to you in { {2} } hour.

When this template is used to deliver a message to someone named Sanjay with a service request number #500 it will look like this:

Thank you for your request, Sanjay. Our team will respond to you in 1 hour.

Another example would be :

Dear { {1} }, this is a gentle reminder that you have an outstanding payment of { {2} }. Kindly make the payment at the earliest. Thank you.

When this template is used to deliver a message to someone named Sanjay with an outstanding payment of 150$ it will look like this:

Dear Sanjay, this is a gentle reminder that you have an outstanding payment of 150$. Kindly make the payment at the earliest. Thank you.

The Approval Process:

To ensure a high-quality user experience and prevent spam, WhatsApp reviews and approves each template you submit. This usually takes less than 48 hours, but most templates get the green light within minutes.

Up next let's talk about the types of message templates that WhatsApp allows.

Types of Message Templates Supported by WhatsApp

Remember how we mentioned WhatsApp reviews templates to prevent spam? Well, they only allow certain types of messages to be templatized in the first place.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Gone are the days of template-only transactions: Since September 2021, you can create templates for promotional messages too! This means you can spread the word about exciting offers and updates alongside those order confirmations. (But don't worry, WhatsApp still reviews everything!)

  • Beyond transactions, here's what's on the menu:

    • Account Update: Keep customers informed about changes to their accounts.
    • Alert Update: Share urgent or important news directly with them.
    • Appointment Update: Confirm, remind, or update them about appointments.
    • Auto-Reply: Set up automatic responses for when you're out of the office.
    • Issue Resolution: Respond to customer questions, concerns, or feedback.
    • Payment Update: Send messages related to customer payments.
    • Personal Finance Update: Keep them informed about their financial matters (if applicable to your business).
    • Reservation Update: Manage reservation confirmations, reminders, and other updates.
    • Shipping Update: Keep customers in the loop about their order deliveries.
    • Ticket Update: Provide ticketing information or updates.
    • Transportation Update: Share transportation information or updates relevant to your business.
  • Template limit? We've got you covered (kind of): By default, you can create up to 250 templates with a WhatsApp Business App & API. 

Need more? You can request a higher limit of 1500 templates directly from WhatsApp. Just be prepared to wait 2-4 weeks for their response, and remember, the final call on the limit increase is at their discretion.

In short, WhatsApp Business Message Templates offer a variety of options to connect with your customers, from essential updates to exciting promotions. Just keep the categories in mind and you're good to go!

How to get WhatsApp Business API

As we explored what is a WhatsApp Business message template and its types, up next let's discover 150 ready-to-use WhatsApp Business message templates designed for different industries and case situations. 

1. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Ecommerce

Dear [Customer Name],

Your order ({ {order number} }) is ready for pickup at { {location} }. 

See you soon!


Dear [Customer Name],

Limited-time offer! 

Get { {discount percentage} } off on your first purchase with code WELCOME10. 

Shop now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We've got something special just for you! 

Check out your personalized recommendations: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Need help finding the perfect gift? 

Reply with "GIFT IDEAS" and we'll be happy to assist!

Dear [Customer Name],

Free shipping on all orders over { {amount} }! 

Stock up on your favorites now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Flash Sale! 

Enjoy { {discount percentage} } off on all { {category} } items for the next { {duration} } only! 

Shop now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

{ {Product name} } is back in stock! 

Don't miss out, get yours now: { {link} }


Dear [Customer Name],

We miss you! 

Come back and browse our latest collection: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Your package containing order ({ {order number} }) is out for delivery today. You can track it here: { {tracking link} }.

Hi { {Customer Name} }, your order ({ {order number} }) has been confirmed! We'll notify you when it ships.

2. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Education Industry

Dear [Student Name],

Do you know we offer online tutoring services? 

Learn more and connect with a tutor today: { {link} }


Dear [Student Name],

Parent-teacher conference reminder! 

Meet with { {teacher name} } on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Book your slot here: { {link} }

Dear [Student Name],

School holidays are coming up! 

Check out our fun and educational activities for kids: { {link} }

Dear [Student Name],

Calling all future artists! 

Join our upcoming art workshop on { {date} }. Register here: { {link} }


Dear [Student Name],

Feeling stressed about exams? 

We've got resources to help! 

Check out our study tips: { {link} }

Dear [Student Name],

We noticed you haven't logged in recently. 

Is there anything we can help you with? 

Reply HELP for assistance.

Congratulations { {student name} }! 

You've earned an A+ on your recent assignment in { {subject name} }. 

Keep up the good work!

Dear [Student Name],

Upcoming school event! 

Join us for { {event name} } on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

RSVP here: { {link} }

Dear [Student Name],

Don't miss the deadline! 

Your assignment for { {class name} } is due on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Submit it here: { {link} }

Dear { {student name} }, a gentle reminder that your next class, { {class name} }, starts in { {time} }! 

Join the meeting here: { {meeting link} }.

3. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Financial Institutes

​Dear { {customer name} }, a friendly reminder that your payment of { {amount} } for { {bill type} } is due on { {date} }. 

Make a quick payment here: { {link} }


Dear [Customer Name],

​Your recent transaction for { {amount} } on your { {card type} } (ending in { {last four digits} }) has been approved. 

Reply INFO for transaction details.

Dear [Customer Name],

We noticed an unusual login attempt on your account from { {location} }. 

If this wasn't you, please reply BLOCK immediately to secure your account.

Dear [Customer Name],

Great news! 

Your loan application for { {amount} } has been approved! 

We'll contact you within 24 hours to discuss the next steps.

Dear [Customer Name],

Do you know you can now manage your investments and track your progress directly through our app? 

Download it here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

System maintenance alert! 

Our online services will be unavailable on { {date} } from { {time} } to { {time} }.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dear [Customer Name],

Interest rates update! 

Check out our new rates for all accounts here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Grow your savings! 

Open a new high-yield savings account today and earn { {interest rate} } APY.

Learn more: { {link} }

Happy Birthday, { {customer name} }! 

We hope you have a wonderful day. 

Here's a special offer: Get { {discount percentage} } off your next safety deposit box rental. 

Reply CLAIM to redeem.

Dear [Customer Name],

Need help managing your finances? 

Explore our budgeting tips, investment guides, and more helpful resources online: { {link} }

4. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Event & Webinar

Dear [Customer Name],

​Don't miss out! 

Our exciting event, "{ {event name} }", starts in { {time} } on { {date} }. 

Register now: { {link} }


Dear [Customer Name],


Your registration for our webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }", is confirmed. 

Join us live on { {date} } at { {time} }: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Last chance to register! 

Spots are filling up fast for our upcoming event, "{ {event name} }". 

Secure yours now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're giving away a free gift** (or discount/other incentive)** to all attendees of our webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }"! 

Don't miss out, register here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Can't attend live? No problem! 

Register for our upcoming webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }", and receive the recording after the event. { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Event update! 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our event, "{ {event name} }", has been rescheduled to { {new date} } at { {same time} }. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Dear [Customer Name],

Feedback time! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our recent webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }".

Share your feedback here: { {link} } (survey/form)

Dear [Customer Name],

Mark your calendars! 

Our next exciting event, "{ {event name} }", is coming soon on { {date} }. 

Stay tuned for registration details!

Dear [Customer Name],

Did you miss our recent webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }"? 

The recording is now available! 

Watch it here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Looking for a fun and informative event? 

Join us for our upcoming webinar, "{ {webinar topic} }". 

Learn valuable skills and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Register now: { {link} }

5. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Travel & Tourism Industry

Dear [Customer Name],

Your flight confirmation for your trip to { {destination} } on { {date} } is attached. 

Have a wonderful trip!


Dear [Customer Name],

Your dream vacation is just a click away! 

Explore our amazing deals on flights and hotels to { {destination} }: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Pack your bags! 

We've got a last-minute deal you won't want to miss! 

{ {discount percentage} } off all-inclusive getaways to { {destination} }. 

Book now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Need help planning your trip? 

Our travel experts are here to assist you! 

Reply TRIPASSIST for a free consultation.

Dear [Customer Name],

Don't forget to book your travel insurance! 

Get a quote and protect your trip today: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Reminder: Your visa application for your trip to { {destination} } is due on { {date} }. 

Apply online now to avoid delays: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Counting down the days to your trip? 

Explore our must-see attractions and hidden gems in { {destination} }: { {link} } (blog post/travel guide)

Dear [Customer Name],

Feeling adventurous? 

Check out our exciting adventure tours to { {destination} }: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Travel tip: Pack light! 

Here are some tips for efficient packing for your trip to { {destination} }: { {link} } (blog post)

Dear [Customer Name],

Share your travel memories with us! 

Tag us in your photos on social media using #{ {travel agency hashtag} } and get 10% OFF on your next trip.

6. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Insurance Industry

Hi { {customer name} }, a friendly reminder that your renewal for your { {policy type} } policy ({ {policy number} }) is due on { {date} }. 

Get a quick quote to renew easily: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We've noticed a potential risk factor for your home insurance based on your recent address update. 

Reply REVIEW for a personalized risk assessment.

Dear [Customer Name],

Get peace of mind with additional coverage! 

Explore our optional add-on plans for your existing { {policy type} } policy: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Claim update: We've received your claim for { {claim type} } ({ {claim number} }). 

We'll be in touch within { {timeframe} } to discuss the next steps.

Dear [Customer Name],

Did you know you can easily access your policy documents and manage your claims directly through our app? 

Download it here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're offering a free medical health checkup! 

Review your current coverage and ensure you have the right protection: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Feeling overwhelmed by insurance jargon? 

Check out our helpful glossary of insurance terms: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Life can be unpredictable. 

Protect your loved ones with our affordable life insurance plans. 

Get a free quote today: { {link} }

Happy Birthday, { {customer name} }! 

We hope you have a wonderful day. 

Here's a special offer: Get { {discount percentage} } off your health insurance policy this month. 

Get a quote now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're here to help! 

Have any questions about your insurance coverage? 

Reply HELP for assistance or call us at { {phone number} }.

7. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Healthcare Industry

​Hi { {patient name} }, a gentle reminder that your appointment with Dr. { {doctor name} } for { {appointment type} } is on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Reply CONFIRM to confirm or reschedule: { {link} }

Dear [Patient Name],

We've attached your lab results for your recent visit with Dr. { {doctor name} }. 

Please review them and contact us if you have any questions: { {link} } (secure document portal)

Dear [Patient Name],

Don't forget to get your flu shot! 

It's the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones this season.

Schedule your appointment online: { {link} }

Hi { {patient name} }, a friendly reminder to take your medication, { {medication name} }, as prescribed by Dr. { {doctor name} }.

Dear [Patient Name],

We're hosting a free webinar on { {health topic} } on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Learn from Dr. { {doctor name} } and ask your questions live! 

Register now: { {link} }

Dear [Patient Name],

We noticed you haven't refilled your prescription for { {medication name} }.

Would you like to refill it online now? 

Reply REFILL for more info.

Dear [Patient Name],

Need help managing your chronic condition? 

We offer personalized support programs to help you stay healthy. 

Learn more: { {link} }

Dear [Patient Name],

Telehealth appointments now available! 

Consult with a doctor from the comfort of your home. 

Learn more and schedule yours today: { {link} }

Dear [Patient Name],

It's National Health Screening Week! 

Schedule your annual checkup and stay on top of your health. 

Find a doctor near you: { {link} }

Dear [Patient Name],

Did you know we offer informative health articles and tips on our website?

Check them out and learn how to stay healthy! { {link} }

8. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Restaurants & Food Industry

Dear [Customer Name],

Craving something delicious? 

Browse our menu and order online for delivery or pickup directly through WhatsApp! { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're celebrating National Pizza Day with a special offer! 

Get 20% off all pizzas today only. 

Order now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Looking for a quick and easy lunch option? 

Try our new lunch combos starting at just ${ {price} }! 

Order now for delivery or pickup: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Do you know we offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options? 

Explore our delicious plant-based dishes on our menu: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're hiring! 

Join our team of passionate foodies. 

Apply now for open positions: { {link} } (website/application form)

Dear [Customer Name],

Want to earn rewards for your love of food? 

Sign up for our loyalty program and start collecting points today! { {link} } (website/app)

Dear [Customer Name],

We appreciate your feedback! 

Share your thoughts about your recent experience with us and get 10% OFF on your next visit: { {link} } (survey/form)

Dear [Customer Name],

Don't miss out on our weekly specials! 

Check out our latest deals and promotions on our website or social media pages.

Dear [Customer Name],

We're hosting a fun family night with games, activities, and a special kid's menu! 

Join us on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Reserve your table now: { {link} }

Happy Birthday, { {customer name} }! 

Treat yourself to a delicious meal from [Restaurant Name]. 

Get 15% off your entire order today! 

Use code BIRTHDAY15 at checkout.

9. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Salons & Spa Industry

Dear [Customer Name],

Relax and unwind! 

Treat yourself to a spa day with our latest pampering package. 

Book your appointment now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

New hair, new you! 

✂️ Get 20% off your first haircut or color service with us. 

Mention this offer when booking: { {phone number} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Looking for a last-minute appointment? 

We have a few cancellations today! 

Reply "APPOINTMENT" to check availability.

Dear [Customer Name],

Product recommendation! 

✨ Our new line of hair care products is perfect for all hair types. 

Shop now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We're offering a free consultation to discuss your hair and skincare goals.

 Reply "CONSULT" to schedule yours today.

Dear [Customer Name],

Don't forget to pre-book your appointment for the holidays! 

Spots are filling up fast. 

Book now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

We'd love to hear from you! 

Share your experience with us and leave a review on [Platform name]: { {link} } (Google Reviews/Yelp)

Dear [Customer Name],

Hair and makeup tips at your fingertips! 

Follow us on social media for expert advice, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes peeks: { {link} } (Instagram/Facebook)

Dear [Customer Name],

Miss us? We're offering a special discount for returning clients. 

Get 10% off your next service! 

Mention this message when booking.

Happy Birthday, { {customer name} }! 

We hope you have a wonderful day. 

Enjoy 15% off any spa service this month. 

Book your appointment now: { {link} }

10. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Automotive Industry

Dear [Customer Name],

Your service appointment for your { {vehicle year} } { {vehicle model} } is confirmed for { {date} } at { {time} }. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Dear [Customer Name],

Service reminder! 

It's time for your routine maintenance on your { {vehicle year} } { {vehicle model} }. 

Schedule your appointment now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Pre-order your dream car! 

The all-new { {vehicle model} } is coming soon. 

Reserve yours today for a priority delivery: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Get a free car wash with your next service appointment! 

Schedule yours today and mention this offer when booking.

Dear [Customer Name],

Thinking about trading in your car? 

Get a free online quote in minutes! 

No obligation, just convenience: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Need help on the road? 

Our 24/7 roadside assistance is here for you. 

Call us at { {phone number} } for assistance with flat tires, towing, and more.

Dear [Customer Name],

We've got exciting news for you! 

We're hosting a test drive event for the all-new { {vehicle model} } on { {date} } from { {time} } to { {time} }. 

RSVP now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Looking for winter tire recommendations? 

We can help! 

Reply "WINTERTIRES" for expert advice based on your vehicle and driving conditions.

Dear [Customer Name],

Do you know we offer financing options for all budgets? 

Get pre-approved online in minutes and drive away happy! { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Share your experience with us and get a free car wash on your next visit.

Leave us a review on [Platform name]: { {link} } (Google Reviews/Dealership website)

11. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Real Estate Industry

Dear [Customer Name],

New listing alert! A beautiful { {property type} } in { {location} } just hit the market! 

See photos and details here: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Still searching for your dream home? 

Let us know your preferences and we'll match you with perfect properties!

 Reply "FINDMYHOME" for a personalized search.

Dear [Customer Name],

Open house this weekend! 

Tour your dream home at { {address} } on { {date} } from { {time} } to { {time} }. 

RSVP now: { {link} }

Dear [Customer Name],

Market update: Mortgage rates are at a historic low! 

Now might be the perfect time to buy your dream home. 

Get pre-approved loan today! { {link} }

Sold! Congratulations to our happy client, [Customer Name], on finding their perfect home!

 We're thrilled to help them on their real estate journey.

Dear [Customer Name],

We're hosting a free webinar on "Buying Your First Home" on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Learn from a mortgage expert and get answers to your questions. 

Register now: { {link} }

Client testimonial: "Working with [Agent name] was a fantastic experience!

They were knowledgeable, professional, and helped me find my dream home." - [Client name]

Dear [Customer Name],

Thinking about selling your home? 

Get a free home valuation in minutes! 

Simply enter your address here: { {link} }

Happy anniversary to our homeowners! 

We hope you're enjoying your beautiful home in [Neighborhood name]. 

Here are some tips for keeping your home in tip-top shape: { {link} } (blog post)

Hi [Customer Name], 

We noticed you viewed a few listings in [Area name] recently. 

Did you have any questions or would you like to schedule a showing?

12. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Fitness Gyms

Hi [Customer Name], 

Get ready to crush your fitness goals! 

Our summer membership sale is here! 

Get 20% off your first 3 months. 

Join online today: { {link} }

Hi [Customer Name], 

Free trial week! 

Experience the difference at [Gym Name].
No strings attached, sign up now: { {link} }

Hi [Customer Name], 

Miss us?
We miss you too! 

Get back on track with your fitness journey and receive a free week pass when you return! 

Reply "WELCOMEBACK" to activate.

Hi [Customer Name], 

Weekly workout inspiration! 

Check out our latest blog post featuring a full-body dumbbell workout you can do at home or the gym: { {link} } (blog post)

Hi [Customer Name], 

Looking for a workout buddy? 

Join our fitness community group chat! Reply "FITFAM" to get the link.

Hi [Customer Name], don't forget about your upcoming personal training session with { {trainer name} } on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

See you there!

Hi [Customer Name], 

Congratulations on reaching your fitness goal of { {goal} }! 

We're so proud of you! 

Keep up the amazing work!

Hi [Customer Name], 

We're offering a free yoga class for beginners this Saturday! 

Learn the basics and discover the mind-body connection. 

Reserve your spot now: { {link} }

Hi [Customer Name], 

Refer a friend and get rewarded! 

You and your friend will both receive a free personal training session when they sign up for a membership. 

Share your referral code now: { {code} }

Hi [Customer Name], 

We're closed for Labor Day on { {date} }. 

We'll be back open on { {date} } with regular gym hours. 

Enjoy the holiday!

13. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Professional Services

Hi [customer name], a friendly reminder about your consultation with { {professional name} } on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Reply "CONFIRM" to confirm or reschedule: { {link} } (calendar tool)

Hi [customer name],

We've uploaded your tax documents for review to our secure client portal. 

Access them here: { {link} } (secure document portal)

Dear [customer name],

Do you have a legal question? 

Ask us anything! 

Reply "QUESTION" for a free initial consultation with our legal team.

{ {Legal/Tax Tip} }: Did you know [insert relevant legal or tax tip]? Learn more about [topic] on our blog: { {link} } (blog post)

Hi [customer name],

We're hosting a free webinar on [topic relevant to your service] on { {date} } at { {time} }. 

Learn from the experts and ask your questions live! 

Register now: { {link} }

We value your feedback! 

Share your experience with us and get 15% off on your next service.

Leave a review on [Platform name]: { {link} } (Google Reviews/Website)

Client testimonial: 

"Working with [Professional name] at [Company name] was a pleasure. They were knowledgeable, professional, and helped me achieve my goals." - [Client name]

Hi [customer name],

Need help but not sure where to start? 

Download our free guide on [topic relevant to your service]: { {link} } ( downloadable guide)

Happy Birthday, [customer name]! 

We hope you have a wonderful day. 

Here's a special offer: Get 10% off your next consultation. 

Mention this message when booking.

Hi [Customer Name], We noticed you viewed our services page for [service type]. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to schedule a consultation?

14. WhatsApp Business Message Template for Non-Profit Organizations

Dear [Customer Name],

​Make a difference! 

Donate to [Cause] this month and help us [achieve goal]. 

Every contribution counts! 

Donate here: { {link} } (donation page)

Dear [Customer Name],

We're hosting a volunteer event on [date] at [time] to [activity related to cause]. 

Join us and make a positive impact! 

Sign up here: { {link} } (volunteer registration)

Dear [Customer Name],

Stay informed! 

Sign up f

or our monthly newsletter to receive the latest updates on our work and how you can get involved: { {link} } (newsletter signup)

Dear [Customer Name],

Spread awareness! 

Share this message with your friends and family to help us reach more people in need.

Dear [Customer Name],

It's your birthday month! 

Celebrate by making a birthday fundraiser for [Cause]. 

Set it up easily here: { {link} } (birthday fundraising platform)

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your generous donation! 

Your support makes a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

Dear [Customer Name],

We need your help! 

We're currently looking for volunteers with [skills] to help us with [task].

Apply now: { {link} } (volunteer application)

Client story: Meet [client name], whose life was changed thanks to your support. 

Read their story here: { {link} } (client testimonial)

Dear [Customer Name],

We're hosting a fun family event on [date] at [time] with [activities]. 

Join us for a day of food, fun, and fundraising! 

Tickets available here: { {link} } (event ticket page)

Dear [Customer Name],

We appreciate your support! 

Share your experience with us and leave a review on [Platform name]: { {link} } (website/social media)

15. WhatsApp Business Message Template for E-commerce Delivery Services

Dear [Customer Name],

Your order from [Store Name] is on its way! 

Track your package here: { {link} } (tracking link)

Delivery update! 

Your order from [Store Name] will be delivered today around { {time frame} }.

Out for delivery! 

Your package from [Store Name] is with our driver for delivery today.

Important delivery notice! 

Your order from [Store Name] requires a signature upon delivery. 

Please be available.

Missed delivery? 

No worries! 

You can reschedule your delivery for a more convenient time here: { {link} } (reschedule link)

Delivery Hero at your door! 

Reply "HELP" for assistance with your delivery or "RATE" to leave a review.

We've noticed you have an upcoming delivery on [date]. 

Is there anything we can help you with before it arrives? 

Reply "INFO" for more details about your order.

Quick reminder! 

Your return window for order #12345 is closing soon. 

Return your items easily here: { {link} } (return portal)

Special offer! 

Get free shipping on all orders over [amount] this week only! 

Shop now: { {link} } (store website)

Happy Birthday, { {customer name} }! 

We hope you have a wonderful day. 

Enjoy 10% off your next order with code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY". 

Shop now: { {link} } (store website)

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How Message Templates Supercharge Customer Communication

Effective message templates are the building blocks of a strong customer communication strategy on WhatsApp. They're more than just a way to send information; they're a bridge that connects businesses with their customers, creating a conversation that's both meaningful and leads to action. Imagine shooting an arrow in the dark compared to aiming for a bullseye with precision – that's the difference a well-crafted message template can make.

Using good message templates is like having a secret weapon for talking to your customers on WhatsApp.

  • Faster responses: With templates, you can answer customer questions quickly, which makes them feel like your business is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Consistent voice: Templates help you ensure all your messages sound the same, which builds a strong brand image in the minds of your customers.
  • More engagement: Templates allow you to personalize your messages, making them more interesting for customers. This can lead to them taking action you want them to take, like visiting your website or making a purchase.

Rules for Creating WhatsApp Templates

All message templates must receive prior approval from WhatsApp. To ensure your WhatsApp templates are approved, they need to adhere to the message template guidelines, mentioned below:

Note: Only applicable in case of WhatsApp API

  • An opt-in contact list is required.
  • The template name should only consist of lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores.
  • The message content must comply with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.
  • Promotion of goods and services that WhatsApp restricts (such as prescription drugs, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, weapons, etc.) is prohibited.
  • The WhatsApp Business Policy forbids soliciting financial information or other sensitive data from users.
  • When incorporating variables, include examples in your submissions so that the Meta team can clearly understand the message's intent.
  • The correct syntax for variables is { {1} }. Incorrect variable parameters or improper use of curly brackets will result in template rejection.
  • If a WhatsApp template is rejected, you may revise and resubmit it for review. The review process typically takes about 24 hours.
  • Proper message formatting is essential; otherwise, WhatsApp will reject the template.
  • You may incorporate Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons in your messages. 
  • Do not use emoticons in Quick Reply Buttons.
  • Do not use URL shorteners when including links.
  • ​Ensure that the URL domain in your links is associated with your business or is a publicly accessible URL.
  • Emojis can be used to add a personal touch to your messages.
  • Always check your content for any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors before submission. Incorrect language can lead to rejection and may cause recipients to regard such messages as spam.

  • ​Utilize variable parameters correctly (e.g., { {1} }, { {2} }, etc.) and ensure they are properly enclosed with two curly brackets on each side.
  • Ensure that each variable parameter (e.g., { {1} }) is accompanied by some text. For example:
    Correct Format ✅:
    Hello { {1} }

    Wrong Format❌:
    { {1} }
    { {2} }

    Note: WhatsApp will reject the template message if it contains a line with only a variable.

  • Select a language for your message template that matches the content. If you choose Spanish as the template language but the content is in English, the message template will be rejected. The content should be solely in one language; mixed languages like "Hinglish" or "Spanglish" are not permissible.

  • Avoid adding double-line spaces between your texts. For example;
    Correct Format✅:
    Hello { {1} },
    How may I help you?

    Incorrect Format❌:
    Hello { {1} },

    How may I help you?
  • When adding a Phone Number as a Call to Action, include the country code without the plus (+) sign. Omitting the country code can lead to rejection due to incorrect format.

The process is generally simple when using WhatsApp marketing software.

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Best Practices for Crafting Effective WhatsApp Message Templates

Creating message templates that engage and convert requires a careful mix of creativity, strategic thinking, and adherence to guidelines. Here's a guide to developing templates that truly resonate with your audience:

  1. Clarity is Crucial: Ensure your messages are concise and straightforward. Avoid using complex jargon that could confuse your customers.

  2. Reflect Your Brand’s Voice: Whether your tone is professional, friendly, or playful, make sure it consistently reflects your brand's identity.

  3. Effective Call to Action: Include a clear call to action in every message. Prompt your customers to take the desired next step.

  4. Utilize Multimedia: Enhance your messages with images or videos to grab attention and convey your message more effectively.

  5. Adhere to Opt-In Rules: Confirm that your customers have opted in to receive messages from you, respecting their choice and privacy.

  6. Avoid Prohibited Content: Strictly follow WhatsApp’s guidelines on acceptable content to ensure your templates are approved without delays.

  7. Use Approved Templates: Only send messages through templates that have been pre-approved by WhatsApp to avoid compliance issues.

  8. Personalization: Use placeholders like { {1} }, { {2} }, etc., to personalize messages with customer names or other relevant details, making the communication feel more individualized.

  9. Descriptive Naming: Use logical and descriptive names for your templates, such as “appointment_reminder,” to help organize and identify them easily.

  10. Select the Right Category: Choosing the correct category for your template, like appointment updates or shipping notifications, can increase the likelihood of approval.

  11. Proper Formatting: While formatting options like bold or italics are not available, use emojis and symbols sparingly to add emphasis without detracting from the professionalism of the message.

  12. Customer Interaction: Facilitate a seamless transition from automated templates to live customer support when necessary to add a human touch.

  13. Understanding the Right Timing for Messages: Timing is crucial. Sending messages during optimal times, typically between 9 AM and 6 PM, aligns better with when customers are active and responsive. For global audiences, consider time zones to maximize engagement.

  14. Segmenting Your Audience for Targeted Messaging: Tailor your messages by segmenting your audience based on factors like demographics, purchase history, or preferences. This approach enhances engagement by addressing specific needs and interests, making each message more relevant.

  15. Handling Opt-Outs and Unsubscribes Gracefully: Always respect a customer's decision to opt-out or unsubscribe. Acknowledge their choice and promptly remove them from your list to maintain a positive relationship and comply with WhatsApp’s policies.

  16. Regular Updates and Reviews: Continuously evaluate the performance of your templates and make necessary adjustments to improve their effectiveness.

  17. Testing Before Launch: Test your templates internally within your team to ensure they work as intended and adjust for any issues before going live.

By following these best practices, your business can leverage WhatsApp message templates not only to communicate but to truly connect with your customers, turning simple notifications into meaningful interactions.

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How to get WhatsApp Business API
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I modify an approved WhatsApp Message Template?

Answer: No, you cannot make changes to a WhatsApp Template Message once it has been approved. You can only edit the dynamic values set during submission.

Question: What types of media can be included in WhatsApp Template Messages?

Answer: WhatsApp Template Messages can include Text, Image, File, or Video formats. However, text is required in all messages, meaning that Images, Files, or Videos alone cannot be sent as a Template Message.

Question: How can I ensure my WhatsApp Template Message gets approved? 

Answer: To improve the chances of your template getting approved, ensure that it complies with WhatsApp's guidelines. This includes using clear and concise language, avoiding any restricted content, and making sure the message serves a clear purpose.

Question: What happens if my WhatsApp Template Message is rejected? 

Answer: If your template is rejected, WhatsApp will typically provide a reason for the rejection. You can make the necessary adjustments to the template and resubmit it for review.

Question: Can I send promotional content through WhatsApp Template Messages? 

Answer: Yes, you can send promotional content, but it must comply with WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy and should not include restricted goods or services like alcohol, tobacco, or prescription medications.