How to Maintain Your Green Tick Status on WhatsApp


In the world of digital communication, WhatsApp has become an essential platform for businesses to connect and engage with their customers. As a business on WhatsApp, one of the most coveted symbols is the green tick, which signifies a verified account. Obtaining the green tick is a significant achievement, as it establishes trust, credibility, and authenticity. However, it's essential to understand that maintaining your green tick status requires ongoing effort, adherence to guidelines, and strategic practices. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the strategies, best practices, and tools you need to effectively maintain your green tick status on WhatsApp.

The Significance of the Green Tick: Establishing Trust and Credibility

The green tick holds immense significance as a visual cue that signifies a verified account on WhatsApp. When customers see the green tick next to a business account, it immediately establishes trust and credibility. It reassures customers that they are interacting with a legitimate and reliable business, eliminating doubts about the authenticity of the account. The green tick becomes a powerful symbol that fosters customer confidence, enhances engagement, and strengthens the overall reputation of your business.

Adhering to WhatsApp's Guidelines: Ensuring Compliance for Green Tick Maintenance

To maintain your green tick status on WhatsApp, it's crucial to adhere to WhatsApp's guidelines and policies. Familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and Acceptable Use Policies provided by WhatsApp. These guidelines outline the expected behavior, content restrictions, and spam prevention measures that ensure a safe and trustworthy platform for users. By strictly adhering to these guidelines, you not only maintain your green tick but also contribute to the integrity of the WhatsApp ecosystem.

Consistent Business Presence: Building Customer Confidence

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining your green tick status. Your business should have an active presence on WhatsApp, consistently engaging with your customers and promptly responding to their queries, concerns, and feedback. By being responsive and reliable, you establish a strong foundation of trust and customer confidence. Regularly providing valuable information, updates, and personalized messages helps to nurture relationships and ensures that your customers feel valued and engaged.

Engage Consistently with Valuable Content:

Consistency in engagement is essential for maintaining the green tick status. Regularly provide valuable content, updates, and offers to your customers. Tailor your messages to meet their needs and interests, ensuring that the content you share is relevant and engaging. By consistently providing value, you foster customer loyalty and trust, solidifying your green tick status.

Avoid Spamming and Unwanted Solicitations:

Spamming or sending unwanted solicitations can lead to a loss of trust and credibility, jeopardizing your green tick status. Respect your customers' privacy and only send messages that are relevant and requested. Avoid sending excessive messages or bombarding customers with unnecessary notifications. By maintaining respectful and targeted communication, you build a positive reputation and preserve your green tick status.

Monitor and Improve Performance Metrics:

Regularly monitor performance metrics to ensure the effectiveness of your WhatsApp communication. Utilize analytics tools to track metrics such as message delivery rates, response times, and customer engagement. Analyze this data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your messaging strategy. By continually striving for improvement, you demonstrate your commitment to providing the best possible customer experience, reinforcing your green tick status.

Maintaining a consistent and active presence on WhatsApp is vital for preserving your green tick status. Regularly engage with your customers, promptly respond to their queries and concerns, and provide timely updates. Demonstrating reliability and responsiveness strengthens customer confidence and builds long-term relationships. Additionally, ensure that the content you share aligns with WhatsApp's policies and provides value to your customers.

Providing Quality Content and Communication: Enhancing Customer Engagement

To maintain your green tick status and continuously engage your customers, it's crucial to provide high-quality content and personalized communication. Tailor your messages to meet your customers' needs and interests, ensuring that the content you share aligns with WhatsApp's policies. By delivering valuable information, offers, and updates, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a positive and meaningful customer experience. Engaging content encourages customer interaction, drives conversations, and solidifies trust in your brand.

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

There are certain eligibility criteria to request and get approval on the green tick verified badge. One should have a good health score, should be at messaging level 2, should have a good engagement rate, and should be a business account, likewise, there are many more parameters to request for a green tick badge.

Meta looks at various factors before verifying the business account with a green tick. Here are the key requirements:

● Adhering to Terms of use and Community Guidelines

● Representing the authenticity of the business

● Representing the unique presence of the account

● An active and public account with a bio and profile photo

● A well-known, highly-searched account

Green Tick through Facebook Manager

  1. Create a Business Manager account on Facebook and set up your business page.
  2. Configure your page settings, ensuring accurate and professional representation of your business.
  3. Gather the required documentation to support the verification process.
  4. Initiate the verification process by accessing the "Page Verification" section in your page settings and selecting "Verify by Documentation."
  5. Submit the required documents, await the verification review, and upon approval, receive the green tick indicating your verified account status on WhatsApp.

Green Tick Through a Solution Provider

To make the process hassle free you can choose a solution provider  like DoubleTick. Doubletick will submit the Green Tick application to Meta on your behalf, but the approval is subject to your health score and brand presence.

How to Get DoubleTick

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How to get DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API

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Why DoubleTick?
Read more about DoubleTick here - What is DoubleTick and How This Could Be Your Greatest WhatsApp Marketing and Sales Tool

Getting WhatsApp Business API in 5 Minutes

It only takes 5 minutes to sign up for WhatsApp Business API via DoubleTick. If your Meta Business Manager is verified, you can get started with DoubleTick within 5 minutes. If however, you need help with Meta Business Manager verification then the process would take around 3 days to a week depending on how ready you are with your documents as well as the response time from Meta. You will receive a confirmation email once the account is set up. 

You need to follow the below steps to access the DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API:

  1. Get a phone number that does not have an existing WhatsApp account.
  2. Sign up for a WhatsApp API provider, such as DoubleTick.
  3. Complete Facebook Business verification.

After completion of these steps, you will be able to use all the functionalities of WhatsApp Business APIs on the DoubleTick dashboard.

Requisites to Apply for DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API

You need:

  • A Facebook Business Manager account
  • A verified business
  • A WhatsApp business account
  • A fresh phone number
  • A Line of Credit for your WhatsApp business account
  • A command line tool such as Terminal or an app like Postman that can perform URL requests (Not needed if applied via DoubleTick)

We'd also need at least two documents from the below list to verify the business:

  • Business bank statement
  • Business License
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Goods and services tax registration certificate (GST)
  • Permanent account number card (PAN)
  • Shop establishment certificate
  • Udyog Aadhar / MSME Certificate
  • Utility bill

We can't onboard you if the above documents are not available.


  • You'll have to get a new phone number for your WhatsApp Business API account as you can't use this further for your personal use.
  • You can also use your existing phone number for your WhatsApp Business API account but all your data will be erased and you'll not be able to use it for your personal use any further.

Conclusion: Sustaining Your Green Tick Status on WhatsApp

Maintaining your green tick status on WhatsApp is a continuous effort that requires adherence to guidelines, consistent engagement, and strategic practices. By establishing trust and credibility, adhering to WhatsApp's guidelines, providing consistent and personalized communication, leveraging WhatsApp Business API and complementary tools, analyzing performance metrics, and staying updated, you can effectively maintain your green tick status and build lasting customer confidence. Embrace the responsibility that comes with the green tick, and let it be a symbol of trust, credibility, and authenticity in your WhatsApp interactions.

How to get DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the significance of the green tick on WhatsApp?
A: The green tick on WhatsApp signifies a verified and trusted account, building trust and credibility with customers.

Q2: How can I maintain the green tick status on WhatsApp?
A: To maintain the green tick, adhere to WhatsApp's guidelines, provide excellent customer support, engage consistently with valuable content, avoid spamming, monitor performance metrics, leverage WhatsApp Business API, and stay informed about updates.

Q3: Can I lose the green tick status on WhatsApp?
A: Yes, if you violate WhatsApp's guidelines or engage in spamming or unwanted solicitations, you may lose your green tick status.

Q4: How important is customer support in maintaining the green tick?
A: Excellent customer support is crucial for maintaining the green tick. Responding promptly and reliably to customer queries and concerns reinforces your authenticity and trustworthiness.

Q5: How can I ensure my messages are not considered spam?
A: To avoid being marked as spam, respect your customers' privacy, send relevant and requested messages, and avoid excessive or unnecessary notifications.

Q6: What role does performance monitoring play in maintaining the green tick?
A: Monitoring performance metrics helps identify areas for improvement in your WhatsApp communication, ensuring effective messaging strategies and customer engagement.

Q7: How can I leverage WhatsApp Business API to maintain the green tick?
A: Integrating WhatsApp Business API provides features like automated responses, chatbots, and advanced messaging capabilities, enhancing your communication and customer support efforts.