If you have a smart device and interact with a lot of apps and web portals then you must have experienced "Login via Google", or "Login via Facebook" or "login via mobile number". Well, all of these are traditional third-party login systems that let you access any app or web portal upon security authentication. Out of all, OTP-based logins are secured and very popular. However, this is still not the best way to log into any portal as OTPs don't have a 100% delivery rate, sometimes it gets late, or sometimes you'll not receive it because of network issues; all of these lead to login drop-offs. Even the other login approaches have many flaws which could lead to authentication errors and eventually lead to login drop-offs.

So What’s the Better Way? 

Keep reading as we unveil the best way to login into any web application and how QuickSell has leveraged this technology to improve user login experience. 

Introducing Login via WhatsApp

Log in via SMS OTP, Facebook or Google is passéLogin via WhatsApp is the new and seamless way to access any app without any OTP verification or multiple security authentication.

With a growing base of 2+ billion users worldwide, it's the best alternative to traditional login approaches as a majority of people are active on WhatsApp and prefer to be communicated over there. WhatsApp is quick, seamless and reliable as it depends on the internet instead of cellular networks. This makes it a lot easier for the user to sign up or log into any app or website using just their WhatsApp number.

Why Login via WhatsApp?

Let's explore the reasons why and what could be the better login approaches for your web applications. 

In traditional login approaches, users have to type in their credentials and if they opt for the log-in via SMS OTP option then they'll have to wait for the OTP that'll be delivered by the cellular network. Now again, the delivery of the OTP will depend on the network speed which is not guaranteed in the low network area. On the other hand, WhatsApp login simplifies the sign-ups and logins for end users as this requires only internet connectivity. This is super fast, convenient and seamless to use. 

Let's highlight the reasons why login via WhatsApp is a recommended approach for login into any web application.

  • Login without having to remember the password
  • Guaranteed delivery of messages as it requires only internet connectivity
  • No OTP is required as it's not dependent on the cellular network
  • No waiting for OTP like SMS as the messages would hit your WhatsApp inbox within 5 second
  • Secure, simplified, and seamless sign-ups or logins experience
  • Increase registrations as users are more likely to opt for login via WhatsApp than any other social login option
  • No encryption issue, like Google or Facebook
  • User-friendly and widely used application
  • Free forever, for unlimited users

QuickSell's Take on WhatsApp Login

At QuickSell, we always strive to offer the best e-Commerce experience to our users. And to give it a seamless touch we introduced Login with WhatsApp. 

This unique login option will help our customers to log into the app seamlessly without needing to remember the password or keying in a mobile number or OTP.

What Was The Idea Behind It?

Every day, thousands and lakhs of customers from different geographic regions login into the QuickSell app. Prior to the Login via WhatsApp implementation, they all had to undergo a tedious login authentication process, such as logging in through a mobile number and password or OTP, and logging in via social or email account. In all the traditional login approaches, the following questions are always at the back of the customer's mind.

  • What's my password? I don't remember it
  • I haven't received the OTP yet. How do I log in?
  • Is my data secure?

We analysed these problem statements and asked ourselves - Is there any easier method to log in while keeping it snappy and seamless?

We acted fast towards finding the resolution and discovered the resolution in our core value itself i.e. offer the solution at its best where users are available the most or feel comfortable the most. 

QuickSell is a completely mobile-first e-Commerce app. So, why not leverage the platform where users are active the most today - WhatsApp?

And, BINGO! We cracked it!

Login via WhatsApp makes the workflow completely user-initiated while keeping it private, as the user has full liberty to write to us over or not on WhatsApp.

The NEW Login flow

The new login method is a no-brainer, fast, and offers a great experience to our users. 

  • It just takes 2 steps to login
  • No more password or OTP game 
  • It's super smooth with no data privacy issue

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Install the QuickSell app and open it

Step 2: Tap on "Sign in" or "Sign up with WhatsApp"

Step 3: You'll be redirected to QuickSell's WhatsApp account with a default messaging to send i.e. "Sign me into Quicksell"

Step 4:

 A unique login link will be generated. Tap on the link and you'll be logged into the app

Currently, almost all the QuickSell users are using login with the WhatsApp option to log into our app. This workflow came as a really good solution for our international customers as well where the OTP costs are generally high. 

Wrapping UP

With a 90% open rate and a 2+ billion audience base, WhatsApp has become a go-to platform for any mode of communication. From login implementation to business communications, WhatsApp is the ultimate channel to offer a great experience to your users.  

As we keep graduating our product features and user experience, you'd be glad to hear that, you'll soon be able to log into the QuickSell app through WhatsApp on your iOS devices as well. 

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Question: How many devices does DoubleTick support?

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