Learn to 7x your sales & business efficiency with WhatsApp API

Discover how WhatsApp API can drive your business growth

Learn exact strategies and methods used by businesses to 7x their sales!

Key highlights of the entire WhatsApp Masterclass

Reach your entire customers base on WhatsApp in a single click at lightning speed


Send unlimited personalized messages in Bulk

Get more sales by sending relevant catalogues to your customers in single click

Bring your customers directly to WhatsApp from your ads

Set-up automated workflows for sales, customer support & marketing purpose.

Take end to end order booking on WhatsApp directly.

📱 Learn how to do all the above using just your mobile

Meet your mentor

Shivam Mittal

WhatsApp marketing specialists

Shivam Mittal

Businesses impowered



Across 100+


5+ years

Shivam Mittal, Co-founder of QuickSell and DoubleTick, a WhatsApp Marketing specialist with 5+ years of experience.

He has has helped brands like Payal Gold, PD Soni Jewels, Pantaloons, GRT, Giny & Jony, Tupperware, Sabyasachi, & many more companies across 100+ countries to build a proven track record of increasing measurable revenue growth, month by month.

Shivam has worked & empowered over 200 thousand + businesses across different industry like jewellery, clothing, real estate, SAAS companies etc. He is known to integrate the power of personal commerce to these businesses resulting in faster sales closures & improved sales funnel.

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