15 Surprisingly Insightful WhatsApp Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

WhatsApp, since its inception, has dramatically evolved from a mere mobile application to one of the most popular marketing platforms. If you're not leveraging WhatsApp for marketing today, we might as well say you're not marketing at all. 

Curious to know how?

Well, to back up our statement, we've accumulated the top 15 WhatsApp Business Statistics that illustrate the significance of WhatsApp marketing in propelling your business forward in today's competitive marketing environment.

This article is indispensable regardless of your industry. Whether you lead an eCommerce powerhouse, educational institute, financial entity, automotive manufacturer, logistics firm, digital marketing agency, or operate in any other sector, it's time to familiarize yourself with the potential of WhatsApp and seamlessly integrate WhatsApp marketing into your business strategy today.

Let’s dive into the world of WhatsApp marketing!


Please Note:

  • Our focus is on the WhatsApp statistics that matter most to your business, steering clear of the more generic data.
  • All the statistics we've compiled were published in 2020 or later, ensuring their relevance and accuracy.

Top WhatsApp Marketing Statistics

WhatsApp’s presence in more than 180 countries makes it a highly suitable platform for businesses to scale their marketing efforts. Here are some key metrics that illustrate why WhatsApp is a preferred marketing platform today:

  • SMBs in India and Marketing: 80% of small and medium businesses in India view WhatsApp as a crucial channel for scaling their business.
  • Global Reach: WhatsApp is accessible in 180 countries, offering the potential to reach approximately 2.7 billion users. India and Brazil are notable for having the highest number of monthly active users.
  • Usage by Companies: Globally, excluding China, around 50 million companies use WhatsApp for marketing purposes.
  • Customer Service Preference: A significant 39% of users express a preference for using WhatsApp as a customer service channel.
  • Marketing Communications and Updates: More than half of the users, around 54%, prefer receiving marketing communications and order updates through WhatsApp.
  • Consumer Engagement: A substantial 72% of consumers are more likely to engage with marketing messages on WhatsApp that are personalized.
  • Proactive Communications: A notable 85% of consumers express interest in receiving timely and proactive communications from brands via WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Business Monthly Users: As of June 2023, WhatsApp Business reported having over 200 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide, indicating a growing trust in the platform among companies for their sales, marketing, and support efforts.
Top WhatsApp Marketing Statistics

Top WhatsApp marketing statistics
Source: Statista

These metrics collectively underscore WhatsApp's effectiveness as a marketing tool, with its vast reach and high engagement rates making it a preferred choice for businesses aiming to expand their reach and enhance customer interaction.

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In a Nutshell

1. Leading Instant Messaging Platforms by Number of Users

2. WhatsApp Penetration Rate

3. WhatsApp Chat Statistics

4. Staggering 98% Message Open-rate

5. Up to 45-60% Conversion Rate

6. Boost Lead Generation Over 5X with WhatsApp Chatbot

7. 57% Regular Brand Interactions, 70% Improved Brand Perception

8. Elevate Cart & Application Dropoffs Rates by 45-60%

9. WhatsApp Business Statistics

10. USA-Related WhatsApp Statistics

11. WhatsApp's Popularity Across Age Groups

12. WhatsApp is Restricted in 6 Countries

13. Most Popular Features of WhatsApp

14. Customers Prefer to Contact Businesses on WhatsApp

15. User-Reported Advantages of Using WhatsApp for Business Queries

1. Leading Instant Messaging Platforms by Number of Users

As of January 2023, WhatsApp Messenger boasts a staggering user base of 2 billion monthly users and as of October 2023, it's 2.7 billion monthly users making it one of the most popular mobile social apps across the globe. Its influence is particularly strong in markets like India and Brazil. To put this in perspective, WeChat has over 1.3 billion users, while Facebook Messenger reaches around 930 million users worldwide.

Most popular instant messaging platforms based on number of monthly active users
Most popular instant messaging platforms based on the number of monthly active users
Source: Statista

(Approximate Representation*)

But the story of WhatsApp's success doesn't end there. It stands out as one of the select apps to have crossed the 5 billion download mark on iOS and Android platforms. Reflecting its widespread appeal, WhatsApp is a top choice in over 100 countries, underscoring its global appeal and relevance in today's digital communication landscape.

WhatsApp PlayStore and AppStore download number

Most loved instant messaging app with a massive download rate

Source: PlayStore and AppStore

2. WhatsApp Penetration Rate

As of April 2022, Brazil led the world in WhatsApp usage, with approximately 98% of messaging app users in the country actively using the platform. 

In countries like India and Italy, WhatsApp's penetration among chat and messaging app users was impressively high, around 97%.

The following graph stunningly illustrates WhatsApp's popularity across various countries.

WhatsApp's popularity by country

WhatsApp's popularity by country

Source: Statista

(Approximate Representation*)

Globally, WhatsApp's reach extends to 180 out of 195 countries and it supports more than 20 languages

Excluding China, a significant 69% of the internet audience uses WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing Statistics

The level of enthusiasm for WhatsApp in India is particularly remarkable. 

Do you know the number of WhatsApp users in India? 

Leading the way, India has over 535.8 million monthly active users, with Brazil not far behind, boasting 148 million active users and Indonesia 112 million, making it to the top 3.

Top 3 Countries Leading in WhatsApp's Monthly Active User Count

Top 3 countries with the most number of active monthly WhatsApp users

Source: Demandsage

(Approximate Representation*)

3. WhatsApp Chat Statistics

As WhatsApp's user base continues to expand, so does the volume of texts sent and received on the platform, highlighting its status as a go-to app for global instant messaging. 

Astonishingly, over 140 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp daily

To break it down, that's 5833 million messages every hour, 97 million messages per minute, and 1.6 million messages each second

On average, a WhatsApp user spends about 19.4 hours monthly on the app, which is approximately 38 minutes each day

In India, this usage is even higher, with users spending around 21.4 hours per month on WhatsApp.

Additionally, global users spend nearly 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls each day.

Interesting WhatsApp Chat Statistics
Interesting WhatsApp chat statistics

Source: Backlinko

The volume of messages sent through WhatsApp has seen a dramatic increase of 53.8% since 2018. On a daily basis, around 6.9 billion images are shared in WhatsApp chats. 

Number of WhatsApp messages sent globally per Day

Number of WhatsApp messages sent globally per day

Source: Photutorial

(Approximate Representation*)

In a striking comparison, while the world's population is about 8 billion, the number of messages exchanged on WhatsApp is 13 times that figure

World's population v/s number of messages exchanged on WhatsApp

World's population v/s number of messages exchanged on WhatsApp

Source: Statista, Backlinko

These messages are predominantly between family and friends. However, with the introduction of WhatsApp Business, a significant portion of this communication now takes place between businesses and their customers.

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4. Staggering 98% Message Open-rate

Emails and SMS have long been the primary channels for business communications. However, their effectiveness is evolving. Reports from Mailchimp show that, despite their widespread use, emails and SMS have an open rate of just 21.33%. Furthermore, the click-through rates are lower, with only 2-5% of recipients engaging with links in these messages.

In contrast, WhatsApp demonstrates a strikingly higher open rate of 98%, indicating that nearly all messages sent are read. 

About 80% of Whatsapp messages are opened within the first five minutes of being sent

Message Open Rate: WhatsApp Vs Email & SMS

Message open rate of WhatsApp, Email & SMS

Source: Statista

(Approximate Representation*)

For businesses, WhatsApp messages have a base open rate of 58%, significantly higher than traditional channels. After optimizing messages with personalization and timely delivery, the open rate for WhatsApp messages from companies can reach 70%. This efficiency makes WhatsApp an increasingly attractive option for marketing communications.

5. Up to 45-60% Conversion Rate

We've already noted the stark difference in open rates between WhatsApp messages and emails. But just getting the messages read is not enough as conversion is what matters a lot to any business. 

While emails and SMS typically see conversion rates between 2-5%, WhatsApp stands out with a more robust conversion rate of 45-60%. This means that for every 100 users receiving a message on WhatsApp, 45 to 60 of them engage and convert into customers. This significant difference underscores the potential advantage of switching from emails and SMS to WhatsApp for business communications.

Conversion Rates: WhatsApp Vs Email & SMS

Conversion rate of WhatsApp, Email & SMS

Source: Pinnacle

(Approximate Representation*)

Moreover, businesses that sell exclusively through WhatsApp report a high rate of repeat customers, at 68%. This statistic further highlights the platform's effectiveness in not just attracting but also retaining customers.

6. Boost Lead Generation Over 5X with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbots can significantly ramp up lead generation, showing an increase of over 5X. These chatbots are more cost-effective than many other social media options. 

Boost Lead Generation Over 5X with WhatsApp Chatbot
A whatsApp chatbot can boost your lead generation by 5x

For marketing, using WhatsApp Chatbots leads to a conversion rate of 45-60%, turning leads into customers.

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7. 57% Regular Brand Interactions, 70% Improved Brand Perception

WhatsApp is not just a messaging platform; it's a game changer in customer-brand interactions. With 57% of customers regularly engaging with brands and 70% reporting a positive shift in their perception of the companies, the impact is clear.

Purchase decisions are heavily influenced by these interactions: 66% of users have bought something after talking to a brand on WhatsApp. Furthermore, 69% are more inclined to purchase from a brand that communicates via WhatsApp.

However, timely responses are crucial. A significant 73% of users are put off by slow replies, and 56% have dropped a purchase due to a lag in response time.

When brands are active and responsive on WhatsApp, 64% of users are likely to spend more. The majority of these interactions revolve around product or service inquiries (39%), while 11% reach out for brand information and another 11% for shipping updates.

WhatsApp's User Engagement Data

WhatsApp's user engagement data

Source: WhatsApp Business

Promotions play a role too: 9% respond to discount messages, but there's a flip side—12% have negative experiences when they miss out on promotional communications.

While 40% of those who did not purchase after marketing communication felt uncomfortable, a vast majority (72%) have never had a negative experience with brand interactions on WhatsApp. This underscores the importance of personalized and relevant communication, as 31% of users expect personalized offers and 21% look for regular updates on topics of interest.

8. Elevate Cart & Application Dropoffs Rates by 60%

Abandoned Carts occur when customers add items to their shopping carts but exit without finalizing the purchase. A similar scenario, Application Dropoff, happens when users disengage during the signup process for services like coaching institutes, online courses, or insurance policies.

With WhatsApp Marketing You Can Recover 45-60% of abandoned carts and applications

With WhatsApp marketing, you can recover 45-60% of abandoned carts and applications

Source: cio.economictimes.indiatimes

Implementing automated recovery notifications on WhatsApp can significantly address these issues, successfully recovering 60% of both abandoned carts and application drop-offs. This strategy harnesses the efficiency and reach of WhatsApp to re-engage customers and encourage the completion of their initial actions.

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9. WhatsApp Business Statistics

WhatsApp isn't just for personal chats. It's a powerhouse for businesses too, through WhatsApp Business. This special version, mostly free, steps up business-customer communications. Charges apply only when someone gets WhatsApp Business API. 

WhatsApp Business is a proven sales booster, attracting millions of users quickly after its launch. Its user base is on a steady rise. As per DataReportal in 2021, it has 50 million users, out of which 15 Million are Indian Businesses. Today, that number has surged four-fold, with recent numbers showing over 200 million businesses are now using it every month, as per the report by TechCrunch in 2023. Facebook in 2020 highlighted that 40 million users check out business catalogues on WhatsApp every month.

Growth Snapshot of WhatsApp Business

Growth metrics of WhatsApp Business

Source: Statista, DataReportal, TechCrunch, Facebook, Cathcart, Sensor Tower, Telemedia

Daily, around 175 million users message business accounts, shared Cathcart in 2021. Its popularity soared in March 2021 with 17 million downloads from the Apple App Store alone, and it garnered 2.99 million five-star reviews, as Sensor Tower reported.

What's more, messages sent through WhatsApp Business API have an incredible 98% open rate. Over 40% of these messages get responses, showcasing high user engagement and responsiveness, a 2019 report from Telemedia reveals.

In the USA, WhatsApp isn't just about messaging; it's a way of life. A Statista survey in 2019 uncovered that 46% of respondents use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends.

Breaking it down by gender, 26% of males and 21% of females in the US are on WhatsApp. It's fascinating to note that one in every four adults globally is engaged in messaging, with 17% of American males and 19% of females joining this trend.

Ethnicity plays a role in usage patterns too. The largest group of WhatsApp users in the US are Hispanic Americans, making up 46%, followed by Blacks at 23%, and Whites at 16%.

USA-Related WhatsApp Statistics

USA related WhatsApp statistics

Source: Statista

In terms of geography, most users are found in urban and suburban areas, with a lesser presence in rural regions. Education-wise, 33% of WhatsApp users in the US have education beyond college, while 20% have college education and another 20% have a high school diploma.

Age demographics show a diverse range: 10% of users are over 65, while a significant 54% are under 30. In terms of usage frequency, half of US WhatsApp users were active daily in 2020, with most others using the app weekly or monthly.

11. WhatsApp's Popularity Across Age Groups

WhatsApp's appeal isn't limited to a specific demographic; it's a hit across all age groups. Interestingly, the app is most popular among the 26-35 age bracket, defying the common belief that it's predominantly used by the younger 15-25 age group. Following closely are users aged 36-45. However, it's noted that WhatsApp usage tends to decline in age groups above 45.

This trend sees the highest spike among those aged 26-35, but as we move to older age groups, particularly after 36-45, there's a noticeable drop in the number of users.

Demographically speaking, the global WhatsApp community consists of a nearly balanced mix of 46.1% women and 53.9% men.

WhatsApp's Popularity Across Age Groups

WhatsApp's popularity across different age groups

Source: Statista, FinancesOnline

Focusing on generational usage, Millennials lead the pack in 2021, making up 54% of WhatsApp users, as reported by FinancesOnline. They're followed by Gen Z at 51%, Gen X at 48%, and Baby Boomers, who represent 36% of the user base. This data highlights WhatsApp's broad appeal across different age groups and generations.

12. WhatsApp is Restricted in 6 Countries

Despite being one of the foremost instant messaging apps of our time, WhatsApp faces restrictions in six countries. These countries include China, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

WhatsApp is Restricted in 6 Countries

WhatsApp is restricted in China, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba

Source: Statista

The reasons for these bans are diverse, mostly revolving around political and security concerns. However, Cuba presents a unique case. Here, the restriction isn't due to political or security issues but rather economic reasons. 

In Cuba, the cost of accessing the internet is so prohibitively high that it surpasses the average wage of its citizens, leading the local government to restrict the use of WhatsApp.

Wondering which WhatsApp features users love the most? WhatsApp's continuous innovation brings exciting features to enhance user engagement. A Statista study reveals that chats and calls are the most popular, with users frequently sharing texts, images, GIFs, and videos.

Most Popular Features of WhatsApp

Most popular features of WhatsApp

For businesses, this insight is invaluable. By utilizing WhatsApp Business API, companies can harness these popular features to better engage their audience. This includes integrating texts with images, adding clickable buttons, and offering quick replies for more dynamic interaction. Embracing these popular user preferences can significantly boost your business's communication strategy on WhatsApp. 

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14. Customers Prefer to Contact Businesses on WhatsApp

The reasons customers choose to interact with businesses on WhatsApp are varied and specific. Insights from a recent study shed light on these motivations:

  • Tracking Orders: 54% of users prefer WhatsApp for updates on orders and deliveries.
  • Event Notifications: 50% use it for reminders about appointments, webinars, and events.
  • Customer Service: WhatsApp is the chosen customer service channel for 39% of users.
  • Promotional Offers: 23% engage with businesses on WhatsApp to get promotional deals.
Why Customers Choose WhatsApp for Business Interaction
Customer love WhatsApp for business communications
Source: WebEngage

These trends highlight WhatsApp's evolving role as a favoured platform for a range of customer-business interactions, from receiving updates and offers to accessing customer support. 

This shift presents an opportunity for businesses to streamline their communication through automation on WhatsApp, with solutions like DoubleTick.

15. User-Reported Advantages of Using WhatsApp for Business Queries

Users have clear reasons for liking WhatsApp as a way to talk to businesses:

  • Quick Answers: 33% of users say they don't have to wait long to get answers to their questions, unlike when they raise tickets on a company's website.
  • Easy Media Sharing: They like being able to send images, PDFs, videos, and more. It makes the conversation better.
  • Personal Touch: Users enjoy personalized chats where they feel they're getting one-on-one attention.
  • Free Customer Service: Another big plus is that it doesn't cost anything to get help or information from customer service.
Top Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Business Queries

Benefits of using WhatsApp for business communications

Source: HubSpot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get the statistics of my WhatsApp Business account?

Answer: To view your WhatsApp Business account statistics, which give you insights into customer engagement, go to Business tools >> select Statistics. This feature shows the count of messages that have been sent, delivered, read, and received, helping you understand how your customers interact with your messages.

Question: Why is WhatsApp best for business?

Answer: WhatsApp Business is ideal for businesses as it facilitates customer engagement, fosters relationship building, and enhances customer loyalty. Its capability for interactive two-way communication and sending of rich media helps maintain consistent customer interest and engagement.

Question: How to check WhatsApp group statistics?

Answer: WhatsApp does not provide native functionality for checking detailed statistics of groups, unlike the analytics available in WhatsApp Business for individual business accounts. This means you cannot directly view stats like message count, engagement rates, or user activity within a WhatsApp group through the app itself.

Question: How can I switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business?

Answer: Switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business is a pretty simple process designed to make it easy for individuals and businesses to transition. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Backup Your WhatsApp Chats: Before switching, it's a good idea to back up your chat history on WhatsApp. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat backup, and tap on 'Back Up' to save your current chats to your phone or cloud storage.
  2. Download WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Business is a separate application. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device.
  3. Install and Setup WhatsApp Business: Open the WhatsApp Business app after downloading it. Agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to the setup.
  4. Verify Your Phone Number: You’ll need to verify your phone number. Use the same number you use for WhatsApp to ensure your chat history is carried over. You'll receive a verification code via SMS or a call.
  5. Restore Chat Backup: After verifying your number, you will be prompted to restore your chat history from the backup. Choose to restore, and your existing chats will be imported to WhatsApp Business.
  6. Set Up Your Business Profile: After restoring your chats, you can set up your business profile. This includes your business name, description, address, business hours, email, website, and more.
  7. Start Using WhatsApp Business: Once your profile is set up, you can start using WhatsApp Business. Explore features like automated messages, quick replies, catalogues, and labels to enhance your communication with customers.

Remember, WhatsApp Business is designed with features specific to businesses, like automated responses, catalog features, and business profiles, which can help in professional communication and customer engagement. Also, ensure your business complies with WhatsApp's terms of service and privacy policies.

Question: How many people use WhatsApp for business?

Answer: As of September 2023, over 200 million businesses use WhatsApp Business each month.
Source: Oberlo

Question: What is WhatsApp's click-through rate?

Answer: WhatsApp Business clients see click-through rates of over 50% in their messaging campaigns, and the personalized feel of messaging can help your business unlock similar results.

Question: Which is the largest market of WhatsApp?

Answer: Leading the way, India has over 535.8 million monthly active users, with Brazil not far behind, boasting 148 million active users and Indonesia 112 million, making it to the top 3.

Question: Which country has no WhatsApp?

Answer: WhatsApp is restricted in ​China, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

Question: Should I use the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API for my business needs?

Answer: Choose WhatsApp Business App if you're a small business or individual owner. It's great for basic needs. However, for larger businesses with high message volumes, WhatsApp API is the way to go. It supports use on multiple devices, allows sending broadcasts to a large audience, enables automation with a chatbot, and lets you send messages with clickable buttons.

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