10 Must-Have Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools to Crush Your Competition in 2023

In today's world, where social media plays an essential role in marketing, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for businesses. With over 2.4+ billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has quickly become a go-to platform for marketers to engage with customers, build brand awareness and boost sales.

However, manually sending messages to thousands of customers can be a daunting task. This is where bulk WhatsApp marketing software comes in. These software solutions allow businesses to send out mass messages, automate conversations and track performance, all in one place.

If you're looking to take your WhatsApp marketing game to the next level, you're in luck. In this article, we've compiled a list of the 15 best bulk WhatsApp marketing software & tools to 7x your sales in 2024. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, these tools offer a range of features and functionalities to help you achieve your marketing goals. So, let's dive in and explore the top solutions available to make your WhatsApp marketing campaigns a success.

What is WhatsApp marketing software?

WhatsApp marketing software is a tool that enables businesses to send bulk messages to their customers on WhatsApp, without having to save their contact details. This software helps to streamline and run entire WhatsApp marketing strategies with ease.

With WhatsApp marketing software, businesses can send engaging messages containing text, images, documents and videos. Moreover, the software enables the automation of messages to send them out in a timely fashion, keeping the customers engaged and delighted.

Using WhatsApp marketing software, businesses can not only reach a wide range of customers but also maintain personal communication with them. This allows for a more intimate and meaningful relationship between the brand and its customers, leading to higher engagement and loyalty.

The features and functionalities of WhatsApp marketing software vary from tool to tool, but a majority of solution providers offer a user-friendly interface for seamless communication with customers. Let's take a look at some of the key benefits and top 10 bulk WhatsApp marketing software and tools available in 2024.

Let's get started!

Benefits of Using a Bulk WhatsApp Sender in India

Bulk WhatsApp sender tools have become increasingly popular among businesses due to the numerous benefits they offer. Here are the top 10 benefits of using a bulk WhatsApp sender in India:

  • Increased customer engagement: With bulk WhatsApp sender tools, businesses can connect with a larger user base and improve their customer engagement rates.
  • Enhanced brand positioning: Reaching out to more people means better positioning of your brand in the market, leading to increased visibility and awareness.
  • Improved team collaboration: Bulk WhatsApp sender tools can also be used to build strong teams that are collaborative and brewing with innovative ideas.
  • Time-saving: By automating messages and sending them in bulk, businesses can save a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional marketing methods, bulk WhatsApp sender tools are more cost-effective, making it an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: By sending valuable information and updates to customers, businesses can improve their customer satisfaction rates.
  • Greater reach: WhatsApp has a wide user base, making it an effective platform to reach a large audience quickly and easily.
  • Personalized communication: Bulk WhatsApp sender tools allow businesses to personalize their communication with customers, creating a more intimate and meaningful relationship.
  • Real-time communication: With WhatsApp's instant messaging feature, businesses can communicate with their customers in real time, leading to quicker resolutions and improved customer experience.
  • Better tracking and analytics: Bulk WhatsApp sender tools provide businesses with valuable insights and analytics, helping them track their performance and optimize their marketing strategies.

Overall, the benefits of using a bulk WhatsApp sender are undeniable, making it a powerful tool for businesses looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

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Top 15 Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software and Tools

Here’s a line-up of our top 10 bulk WhatsApp sender software with a complete in-depth overview, key features, benefits, limitations, and ideal customer base. Let's dive in!

1. DoubleTick

DoubleTick is an efficient and feature-rich WhatsApp marketing tool designed for businesses that want to send bulk messages and manage customer interactions seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, DoubleTick simplifies the process of reaching out to clients and prospects through WhatsApp, enhancing communication and boosting sales. 

Key Features: Bulk messaging, multimedia support, contact management, message scheduling, delivery reports, message templates, personalization 

Benefits: Easy to use, quick setup, cost-effective, excellent customer support, reliable delivery, GDPR compliant 

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a user-friendly solution for WhatsApp marketing without advanced automation needs

How to get DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API

2. Yellow.ai

Now, this is one of a kind of WhatsApp automation software! With Yellow.ai you can manage end-to-end sales on WhatsApp. Customers can chat with you by browsing your catalogue, place orders, adjust quantities, make payments, track orders, cancel orders, and request returns. Businesses can also track the leads produced on WhatsApp by linking their WhatsApp chatbot with CRM, billing, and invoicing software.

Key Features: Official WhatsApp Business API, automation, chatbot integration, multi-agent support, CRM integration, rich media support, message templates 

Benefits: Enhanced customer experience, improved response time, seamless integration with existing tools, secure and reliable messaging, easy-to-use dashboard 

Limitations: Pricing may be high for smaller businesses, and API access requires approval from WhatsApp 

Recommended for: Medium to large businesses seeking advanced automation capabilities and official API access for seamless integration with their existing tools

3. Infobip

Infobip is a global communications platform that offers a wide range of messaging solutions, including WhatsApp Business integration. Infobip enables businesses to engage customers through personalized messaging, automation, and advanced analytics, resulting in improved customer experiences and loyalty.

Key Features: Official WhatsApp Business API, chatbot support, multi-agent support, CRM integration, automation, message templates, analytics and reporting

Benefits: Enhanced customer engagement, seamless CRM integration, smart automation, global reach, easy-to-use dashboard

Limitations: API access requires approval from WhatsApp, and pricing may be high for smaller businesses

Recommended for: Businesses of all sizes looking for a comprehensive messaging platform that integrates with WhatsApp and other communication channels, focusing on personalization, automation, and seamless CRM connectivity

4. DelightChat 

DelightChat is a comprehensive customer support platform that integrates with WhatsApp, offering a centralized hub for businesses to manage all their customer interactions. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, DelightChat streamlines communication and enhances customer satisfaction. 

Key Features: WhatsApp integration, multi-channel support, team collaboration, message templates, custom views, automated workflows, reporting and analytics 

Benefits: Centralized customer communication, improved team collaboration, enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined workflows, extensive reporting and insights 

Limitations: No native bulk messaging capabilities, focuses primarily on customer support 

Recommended for: Businesses seeking a unified platform for managing customer support across multiple channels, including WhatsApp

5. Respond.io

Respond.io is a versatile messaging platform that offers WhatsApp integration for businesses looking to improve customer engagement and support. With its robust set of features, Respond.io enables efficient communication, smart automation, and seamless integration with popular CRMs and marketing tools.

Key Features: WhatsApp integration, automation, chatbot support, CRM integration, message templates, team collaboration, analytics and reporting 

Benefits: Efficient communication, smart automation, seamless integration with popular tools, easy-to-use interface, enhanced customer engagement 

Limitations: Bulk messaging capabilities may be limited, and pricing might be high for small businesses 

Recommended for: Businesses looking for a versatile messaging platform that integrates with their existing tools and focuses on customer engagement and support

6. Verloop

Verloop is a customer support and engagement platform that offers seamless WhatsApp integration, enabling businesses to automate conversations, enhance customer support, and drive sales through personalized interactions.

Key Features: WhatsApp integration, chatbot support, CRM integration, team collaboration, conversational analytics, multi-language support, message templates 

Benefits: Improved customer support, intelligent automation, enhanced sales, seamless CRM integration, real-time analytics, easy-to-use interface 

Limitations: Limited bulk messaging features, may require technical expertise for chatbot setup 

Recommended for: Businesses looking to improve customer support and engagement through WhatsApp, with a focus on chatbot integration and CRM connectivity

7. WappBlaster

WappBlaster is a dedicated bulk WhatsApp marketing software that allows businesses to send mass messages, images, videos, and documents to their target audience. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, WappBlaster helps businesses improve their reach and boost sales. 

Key Features: Bulk messaging, multimedia support, contact management, message scheduling, delivery reports, personalization, anti-blocking technology 

Benefits: Easy to use, cost-effective, reliable delivery, wide reach, secure messaging 

Limitations: No chatbot integration, limited automation capabilities Recommended for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a simple and cost-effective solution for bulk messaging without advanced automation needs

8. Woztell

Woztell is an all-in-one WhatsApp Business integration platform that offers a range of features to help businesses enhance customer communication, automate workflows, and streamline sales processes. Key Features: Official WhatsApp Business API, CRM integration, chatbot support, multi-agent support, automation, message templates, analytics and reporting 

Benefits: Improved customer communication, seamless CRM integration, smart automation, enhanced sales processes, easy-to-use dashboard 

Limitations: API access requires approval from WhatsApp, and pricing may be high for smaller businesses 

Recommended for: Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution with official API access and a focus on CRM integration, automation, and sales optimization

9. QuickReply

QuickReply is a smart messaging platform designed to help businesses improve their customer support and engagement on WhatsApp. With its advanced automation features and easy-to-use interface, QuickReply enables businesses to deliver quick and efficient responses to customer queries. 

Key Features: WhatsApp integration, automation, chatbot support, team collaboration, message templates, personalization, analytics and reporting 

Benefits: Improved customer support, reduced response time, efficient communication, user-friendly interface, insightful analytics 

Limitations: Limited bulk messaging capabilities, pricing might be high for small businesses 

Recommended for: Businesses seeking a solution to enhance their customer support and engagement on WhatsApp, with a focus on automation and team collaboration

10. Bulk-WhatsAppSender

Bulk-WhatsAppSender is a dedicated WhatsApp messaging tool that enables businesses to send mass messages, images, videos, and documents to their target audience. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Bulk-WhatsAppSender helps businesses broaden their reach and enhance sales.

Key Features: Bulk messaging, multimedia support, contact management, message scheduling, delivery reports, personalization, import/export contact

Benefits: Easy to use, cost-effective, reliable message delivery, wide reach, secure messaging

Limitations: No chatbot integration, limited automation capabilities

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a straightforward and cost-effective solution for bulk messaging without the need for advanced automation

11. Chatarmin

Chatarmin is a WhatsApp marketing tool that helps businesses enhance and optimize their business communications with customers. With the bulk WhatsApp marketing feature, businesses can announce new products, share special offers, and send instant checkout messages to boost sales.

Key Features: Automated flows, bulk campaigns, customer segments, third-party platform integrations, analytics

Benefits: Great for various industries, seamless integration, instant checkout links, direct call-to-action buttons

Limitations: Limited automation features

Recommended for: Businesses in eCommerce, retail, and finance that aim to leverage WhatsApp for marketing and customer engagement

12. RapBooster 

RapBooster is a robust digital marketing platform offering WhatsApp Marketing as one of its key solutions. With RapBooster's WhatsApp Marketing platform, you can import customer data, create campaigns, send messages in bulk, and personalize messages with images, videos, audio, and more. The tool will also automatically rotate sender numbers to avoid triggering WhatsApp’s anti-spam filters.

Key Features: Automated campaigns, bulk messaging, campaign scheduling

Benefits: Global reach, customized service, business growth

Limitations: Limited customization options

Recommended for: Businesses seeking to interact with customers through WhatsApp

13. SendApp 

SendApp is a messaging tool with a bulk WhatsApp marketing feature that lets users create impactful WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Businesses can create bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns and personalize their strategy using text, images, emojis, videos, and links.

Key Features: Targeted customer engagement, automation, marketing campaign creation

Benefits: Time-saving, innovative marketing strategies, effective communication

Limitations: Outdated UI

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized businesses looking to automate and effectively manage their communication with customers on WhatsApp

14. MessageBird

MessageBird is an omnichannel engagement platform offering WhatsApp Business API with some of the great WhatsApp marketing features. It features a suite of automation tools, allowing users to set up automated messages and track results in real-time.

Key Features: Automation, multichannel communication, analytics

Benefits: Comprehensive marketing toolkit, AI-powered customer support chatbots, seamless integration with third-party apps

Limitations: Limited customization options

Recommended for: Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to manage their omnichannel messaging needs across multiple channels.

15. CM.com

CM.com is a conversational sales, marketing, and support platform with great WhatsApp marketing features. Users can target customers with personalized announcements, promotions, and more.

Key Features: No-code WhatsApp Business API platform, no code chatbot builder, easy drag & drop editor to automate recurring queries, share multimedia messages, business updates, location & much more with customers

Benefits: Increased engagement and conversions, personalized customer interactions

Limitations: Some features are a bit unintuitive

Recommended for: Businesses looking to use WhatsApp as a marketing and support channel for their brand.

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The Downside of Using Unofficial Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools

While unofficial WhatsApp marketing tools may seem like a cost-effective option, they come with their own set of risks and limitations. Here are some of the downsides of using unofficial WhatsApp marketing tools:

  • Risk of being blocked: WhatsApp has strict anti-spam policies, and using unofficial tools that violate these policies can result in your account being blocked.
  • Limited features: Unofficial tools may not have all the features and functionalities that official WhatsApp marketing tools offer, such as automation, scheduling, and analytics.
  • Security concerns: Unofficial tools may not have adequate security measures in place, leaving your data and customer information vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • No customer support: Unofficial tools may not offer customer support, leaving you to troubleshoot any issues on your own.
  • Inconsistent performance: Unofficial tools may not be reliable and may not work consistently, leading to failed campaigns and lost opportunities.

Overall, the risks and limitations of using unofficial WhatsApp marketing tools outweigh the benefits. It is always advisable to use official WhatsApp marketing tools or trusted third-party solutions that adhere to WhatsApp's policies and provide reliable features and customer support.

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Best Practices for Choosing Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • Check out the features: The first thing to look for when considering software is features—does it do everything you need it to do? All-in-one tools are best for a wide range of tasks, but niche tools have their place. At DoubleTick, we offer businesses an all-in-one WhatsApp tool designed to handle everything from bulk messaging to team management to automation. With a range of features, you can make sure your WhatsApp campaigns are successful and that they adhere to WhatsApp's terms of service.
  • Find your price range: Also consider the price—not only of the tool but of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Depending on where you’re located, messages cost money to send. Be sure to factor that cost into the price of the marketing platform so that you can be sure it’s within your budget.
  • Consider ease of use: When considering a WhatsApp marketing tool, be sure to take into account the ease of use. Is it user-friendly and intuitive? Can you quickly learn how to use its features? Demos, free trials, and reviews will help you determine which tools are the most user-friendly.

Best Practices for Using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Set Up the Tool

Setting up your WhatsApp marketing tool can be challenging—it’s often a fairly technical process that requires some coding and integration with your existing systems. Choosing a tool with good documentation and customer support is incredibly important.

DoubleTick’s dedicated onboarding team will handle the account setup process from start to finish, so there’s no need to worry about the technical details.

Build Your Audience

Once your account is set up, and you’ve completed the onboarding process, it’s time to build your audience. This is important, as the more people you have on your list, the more successful messaging campaigns you’ll be able to launch.

The best way to start is by importing contacts from your CRM or other marketing channels. With DoubleTick, you can quickly import contacts at scale to speed this process up.

To build your list, you can run a promotion or offer discount codes in exchange for opting in. You can also use SMS or website signup forms to get more subscribers. Once you’ve collected names and numbers, add them to the tool so that they can receive messages from you.

Craft Compelling Messages

The next step is to craft compelling messages—complete with personalized greetings and content. Incorporate multimedia elements like images, videos, and links for a dynamic communication strategy.

Schedule Campaigns

In addition to manually sending messages, you should also be able to schedule campaigns in advance. Automation helps you stay on top of your communication game and can be used strategically to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. 

DoubleTick offers a powerful automated scheduling feature that allows for pre-programmed messages, so you don’t have to worry about manually sending out content every day.

Use Automation and Personalization

Automation features can streamline your messaging process. Personalize messages with customer names, preferences, and other relevant information for a more tailored experience.

DoubleTick's automation features include a comprehensive Bot Studio, where users can build personalized chatbot conversations and automate their customer engagement process. With the Bot Studio, you can quickly and easily design automated flows for tasks like: 

  • Onboarding new customers
  • Collecting feedback from existing customers
  • Sending delivery updates
  • Responding to product inquiries

Simply put, automating your communication processes with DoubleTick will enable you to save time, increase efficiency, and focus on more important things.

Monitor Analytics

Analytics can help you guide your customer engagement strategies. Track delivery rates, open rates, and engagement metrics to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

With DoubleTick, it’s easy to monitor a range of important campaign metrics, like:

  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Undelivered
  • Replied
  • Quick Button action rate

It’s also easy to see how your team is doing with performance metrics like response time, pending replies, conversations open, and more. You can also use roles and access permissions to make sure the right people have access to the data they need.

DoubleTick: Best WhatsApp Marketing Software to Grow Your Business by 7X

Customers today expect top-notch experiences at every touchpoint with your brand. That's where a bulk WhatsApp sender with official API support comes into play - it empowers you to reach out to a large audience all at once, engaging them with interactive messages on their favourite communication channel.

DoubleTick, the official WhatsApp Business API platform that's got all the bells and whistles to supercharge your communication strategy:

  • Tired of managing customer support tickets the old way? DoubleTick has a shared WhatsApp inbox with role-based access to keep things organized and efficient.
  • Get the word out with WhatsApp Broadcasts, made easy using the official API.
  • Boost your brand's credibility with WhatsApp Green Tick verification.
  • Say goodbye to lost sales with automated abandoned cart recovery and COD order verification.
  • Integrating with other software? No problem! DoubleTick supports seamless third-party integrations.

So, if you've been on the hunt for a platform that has all the features you need to help your business scale day by day, then DoubleTick is your go-to solution. Don't wait any longer - sign up today and unlock the full potential of WhatsApp marketing!

How to get DoubleTick WhatsApp Business API

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use these bulk WhatsApp marketing tools to manage customer support? 

Answer: Some of the top WhatsApp marketing tools, such as DoubleTick, DelightChat, Respond.io, and Verloop, are designed to help businesses manage customer support efficiently by providing features like shared inboxes, team collaboration, and automated responses.

Question: What kind of businesses can benefit from using bulk WhatsApp marketing tools? 

Answer: Businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, can benefit from using bulk WhatsApp marketing tools. These tools are particularly useful for businesses looking to improve customer engagement, streamline communication, and drive sales through personalized messaging on a popular platform like WhatsApp.

Question: How can I choose the best bulk WhatsApp marketing tool for my business? 

Answer: To choose the best bulk WhatsApp marketing tool for your business, consider factors such as your budget, the size of your business, your specific marketing goals, and the features you require, such as automation, chatbot support, or CRM integration. Evaluate the top tools based on these criteria to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Question: Does DoubleTick offer a free trial?

Answer: Yes, we do offer a demo account that you can play with. Download the DoubleTick App to test with a demo account.

Question: What’s DoubleTick’s pricing plan? 

Answer: Kindly email us at grow@quicksell.co or Click here to BOOK a FREE DEMO with us to learn about DoubleTick’s features and pricing plans.

Question: How many team members can I add to my DoubleTick account?

Answer: You can add unlimited team members to DoubleTick.

Question: In how many days will the DoubleTick setup be ready for my WhatsApp Business account?

Answer: If your Meta Business Manager is verified, you can get started with DoubleTick within 5 minutes. If however, you need help with Meta Business Manager verification then the process will take around 3 days to a week depending on how ready you are with your documents as well as the response time from Meta.

Question: Can I use my existing number for DoubleTick?

Answer: Yes, you can use your existing number with DoubleTick. However, we would recommend that you use a new number instead of using an existing one to ensure smooth operations for your business.

Question: Can I use my WhatsApp business app number and DoubleTick number at the same time?

Answer: No, at a time you can use only one account. Data from your WhatsApp business account will be erased once you switch to DoubleTick. 

Question: To how many customers can I shoot the broadcast messages?

Answer: There is no restriction. You can create unlimited broadcast groups and shoot messages to unlimited contacts. However, Meta might restrict you if a lot of customers mark your message as spam. The best practice is to enable the STOP bot on DoubleTick and send your templates with a STOP quick reply message so that people who are not interested in your communication can easily press STOP to get opted out instead of reporting your number as SPAM to WhatsApp.

Question: Can I automate and schedule broadcast messages?

Answer: You can automate WhatsApp messages and schedule broadcasts with DoubleTick.

Question: Does DoubleTick come with a bulk contact upload feature?

Answer: Yes, you can simply upload an Excel file having contact details to the dashboard and shoot messages in bulk to unlimited customers. 

Question: How many devices does DoubleTick support?

Answer: An unlimited number of devices can be used with DoubleTick. However, access to the number of accounts will be based on your subscription.